23 Ninja Tips For Your Next Photo Walk

by Staff June 3, 2016 at 8:05 am

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  1. P-Mode, Burst, Instagram… sounds more like a Mc Donald's Drive In – and not fishing.

    Many other tips listed in the video are inspirational and helpful. Even though mass shooting with P-Mode is really not my style ;)

  2. That strap is my next present to myself ! I normally only use a wrist strap because I find the neck strap feels and looks clumsy but yours looks comfortable. I think the photos were great and found the whole video very informative, I'm about to watch it again ! thanks.

  3. Im very glad this Video didn't have any Photoshop tips.Theres Videos where i sit Threw half way and find out the just Photoshop most of it. Glad this WAS very helpful thanks :D

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