5 Elegant Model Photography Setups – tutorial

by Staff July 22, 2016 at 8:47 am

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  1. What's the song at 10:00? Also, I wonder why the 20D is one of his favourites. That's my camera and I thought it was about time I changed it but it seems there's still quite a lot I can do with it, even though I'm not using such premium lenses!

  2. Nice video, but I don't get the model's make up. Why is her face so white? Is that fashionable for a black girl? It's a shame, it's really disturbing when he takes half body shots, imho

  3. Great info. The model is beautiful but the makeup is not well done. The makeup has to match the tone of her skin and it doesn't; her face is significantly darker than her neck and shoulders.

  4. Informative and a nice introduction or refresher for some. While I didn't really agree with using a 50mm 1.2 L for headshots (85mm+) I do understand that photography is art and all art is subjective. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for sharing and keep it up.

  5. I really liked this video. There is a girl i met the other day while out with my family that has those same features as your model.  I cannot wait to work with her.  I loved the high key shots, but my favorite were the last shots by the window. I am dying to try shots like these as well. Im still new to photography but am enjoying every minute of it.

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