6 Favorite features of Magic Lantern – Custom firmware for your Canon DSLR

by Staff June 8, 2016 at 4:10 am

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  1. I'm currently choosing between two cameras. In your opinion would you prefer a t6i without Magic Lantern (it hasn't even started development yet) or to t5i with Magic Lantern?

  2. The Magic Lantern Nightly Builds download page makes you select your camera model on a dropdown menu before accessing any of the download files or names of the download files. The list of camera models does not include "70D". What's going on here? Which one do I select for getting the correct Magic Lantern file for the Canon 70D?!

  3. i gonna have to give you a dislike for that piece of.. music at the end there.. i timed it so i left my room just as the video was ending, but no loud theme music all across the house.. thanks for making me waking up my roomies lol.. i was planning on some qualityalone time ffs xD

  4. When doing timelapse, does ML give you a little preview movie using the TL frames that you can view in-camera before you download the files? Thanks for this vid, too.

  5. Thank you for the video! I just installed ML on my t5i and your videos were the first ones I checked out to learn how to use it. I do have a question though, ML is saying that my camera is 49*C after about 20 minutes of shooting. What temperatures should start having me concerned? Thanks!

  6. Is there an Alpha build for the 700d? Because I followed your tutorial on how to install ML and I downloaded the Nightly build. Its working perfectly though so no worries. Just want to know how much of a risk I took lol

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