6 Tips for Setting Up a Home or Office Studio – Photography & Lighting Tutorial

by Staff March 2, 2016 at 11:31 am

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  1. Your contest is bogus…I typed in your website with the contest giveaway extension and it forwarded me to Facebook…so I tried to enter the "contest", but it's the January contest…what gives????

  2. what i did for my YouTube channel if you want to save money you can just get a green screen and then when you want a white back drop than edit it so its white and then when you want to use it for something else than you already have it

  3. I was going to buy me 2 Softboxes for about 60€

    I got a pretty good idea. im going to buy 2 lightbulbs and 2 of these things where i can put them in.
    i have 2 cardboards from my shoes.
    it will cost about 20€ i think! 😀 perfekt!
    is it a good idea?

  4. This is a great video, however, I would include adding some other non-flammable material between the light fixtures and the "boxes". I'd be a bit concerned that these lights get very very hot .

  5. you have excellent and thrifty ideas. i like how you made that backdrop and your advice when creating space to host a room, in my case to shoot commentary-video. i would also have to learn how to use some powertools. thanks for sharing your tips and recapping your teachings at the end. i will also visit that website you suggested as well, for webdesign. very creative. best…

  6. Hi, I am curious to know where or how you got those galvanized tripods. I am an armature photographer and would like to set some thing up to take pics of my kids and family.

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