A Rare 1967 TV Interview with Victor Hasselblad

by Staff October 26, 2016 at 11:40 am

A long time ago I was a young art student, being told about the “Rule Of Thirds.” I was told it’s one of the most important fundamentals of art and photography, as it helps you get the right composition in your images.

The fall colors here in Ohio are at their peak right now, and for most photographers that means it’s time for wide angle photography. Sigma just so happened to send us their new 12-24mm f/4 Art to try out—what great timing.

Wedding photographers these days often find themselves competing with guests who spend the whole ceremony shooting photos with smartphones, DSLRs, and even tablets. The short film above, titled “Unplugged,” is a parody that shows why couples are sometimes choosing to have an “unplugged” wedding free of these distractions.

We first spotted the Chronos 1.4 homebrew high-speed camera back in September. Now, we get our first real look at this powerful labor of engineering love, which is being hailed as a game-changer for slow motion videography.

Shooting a panoramic timelapse sounds simple enough: just sync two cameras and start shooting, right? Not quite. In fact, the photographer who shot this amazing 10K by 4K panoramic timelapse of LA calls it the most challenging project he’s ever worked on.

Small pictures can make a big difference in a mobile-driven world.
Quite often other photographers tell me “I don’t have time for another social network and I don’t need Instagram.” Yet they spend hours posting on Facebook, 500px and Flickr where almost zero potential clients will see their work.

Professional looking, shallow depth of field portraits are now available to a lot more people. Earlier today, Apple released its first major iOS 10 update, and included in that update is their much-anticipated fake bokeh “depth effect” Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus.

After the success of its Portable Power Outlet, ChargeTech is taking portable battery packs to the next level with its latest product. Called PLUG, it’s being touted as “the world’s most powerful battery pack.”

Ever since the launch of iOS 5 in mid-2011, iPhones, iPads, and iPods have accepted the “volume up” signal as a “take a picture” command, allowing Apple’s headphones to double as handy remote shutter releases. If triggering your camera’s shutter with a pair of earbuds in your hand isn’t “hip” enough for you, check out this new iCA Remote Shutter by Japanese novelty photo company Gizmon. It’s a dedicated shutter release for your iOS device that’s designed to look like a roll of film.

Something is off in our modern photographic culture. We’ve lost something. Something… big.

Apple just let one of its own secrets slip. The new MacBook Pros are supposed to be announced on Thursday, and it looks like Apple accidentally leaked some photos of the computer and its touch-activated ‘Magic Toolbar.’

These water glass photos are not created in Photoshop. In fact, all photographer Alexandre Watanabe needed to shoot these striking shots was water, two colored plastic sheets, and a little bit of refraction.

Not sure what style of photography is right for you? No worries. Photographer Blake Andrews put together a fun, tongue-in-cheek flowchart that’ll help you figure it out.

DIY photography tricks… need we say more? Whether you’re stuck in a creative rut or just want to break out of your photography comfort zone a bit, this video is the perfect way to start the week.

Are you in need of a new camera bag, but you’re on a budget and still want something durable? An army surplus store may be your answer.

After buying a Google Pixel last week, filmmaker Matteo Bertoli wanted to test the phone’s camera, so he took it around Park City and Salt Lake City in Utah and shot some cinematic footage in 4K. The 2.5-minute short above shows the smartphone’s record-setting quality.

Talk of a Canon full-frame mirrorless camera has been swirling around the rumor mill for years, but if you were expecting a full frame ILC to arrive any time soon, the latest rumors are going to disappoint you on both counts.

DJI just released a powerful new drone camera, but it’s not meant for you or me. No, the Zenmuse Z30—which Sweden probably won’t like one bit—is meant for industrial purposes, because it boasts a crazy 30x optical zoom lens that can deliver up to 180x zoom if you add digital zoom.

A few weeks ago, we shared an article about how cameras were used to launch the largest cyber attack in history. Then last week, a massive cyber attack quite literally broke the Internet. So, how did the hackers do it? You guessed right: cameras.

Sports photography is one of the most demanding genres when it comes to the gear you use. So what happens when you invite two pro sports photographers to a skate park, take away their DSLRs, and give them a couple of 0.3MP kiddy action cams instead? Let’s find out!

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