All BEST NIKON DSLR Necessarily RE-Examined & their NEW positions. Recommendations NOW

by Staff June 3, 2016 at 8:01 am

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  1. With respect! could you please review the D5300 / D5200 or something normal people can afford$ unless I win athe Lotto I don't see me owning any of those

  2. I just purchased a d610 with the kit lense used for twelve hundred 9,800 shutter clicks.I wish i saw this video sooner. I have been watching your videos. lol I just did not see this one yet.What do you think? I am hoping it is ok . i knew your feeling ON 750 AND 800

  3. I currently have a D700 (based on your recommendations – thank you!) and I am looking to upgrade towards the end of the summer (hopefully once the replacement for the D810 has come out) when I have some more money. I was looking to spend around £1000 ($1450 US) plus the £450 value of my low-count D700. I do not need the speed nor extra reach of the D500 as much as I would love one and the D750 = piece of crap (in the current market) – hence they're out of the question. After looking on eBay and secondhand camera outlets in the UK I have noticed that the D4 and D800 are both coming down in value – the D4 is roughly £1350 and the D800 is about £800 so are both in my price range, I just wondered why you don't recommend them. In addition the D810 doesn't seem to be that much of an improvement over the much less expensive D800e so I couldn't justify the extra. Please help.


  4. I'm not sure how the 'jack-of-all' reasoning applies to lenses but not to cameras…if anything, it is the opposite…one usually (if not always) has more lenses than cameras…and hence, I dont understand why the D810 being better than the D750 for landscapes and portraits, and the D500 being better than the D750 for wildlife and sports, makes the D750 a bad camera (and thats putting it mildly)…I think the D750 is the best value camera under $2000, if you have to own one camera…the gray market D750 was $1299 until a month back, exactly coinciding with the release of the D500, in anticipation that the D500 would be better than the D750…the market has spoken, this is not the case, and the gray market D750 is up to $1600 (if not more)…

  5. Hello! thank you for your insightful videos! Do you thnk there is a chance that a real succesor of a D700 comes out? I mean a D5 low light performance small body with less speedy shutter, pro build and interface, like the d700 was to the d3?

  6. I know you consider the D610 to be a "turd" but looking at the cold facts after 6 months of use, it has been a good option. It is of course of no comparison to the D810 which I love and no competition to the value of the D7100. However, it has been a great 2nd body with no oil issues or reliability issues whatsoever after 25k of shots. None of the recalls of the D750 either. Images are great and it feels good in the hand in terms of balance and weight. I need video sometimes, so the D700 and D3 were not an option for me. Maybe a used D800E was my only alternative, but I could not get one for anywhere near the same price as a grey market D610. I am a big fan of yours, and find your opinions invaluable and pretty much faultless but in this one instance, I have found a turd to be bloody good!

  7. Why are you so obsessed with the future of Nikon D750? May be D500 is a good camera and better than D750 on image quality (as per you) but how come that makes D750 worst? D500 is a DX camera and crop sensor have its advantages & disadvantages. Show me a picture (not test sample but a good well composed and taken picture) where D750 looks like a trash.

  8. I'm fucking tired of shooting DX landscape and portraits. I'm getting an FX camera finally, it's the D750. IDGF. I think the D750 still has a while to go. Not sure if the D750-D810 line will cross of the D610-D750 line will cross. I'm not buying a D610 fuck sending my shit to Nikon every 10,000 shots for oil spray. And yes it's a refurbed D750, I'm fucking broke… I can't afford a D810 even fucking used. If I wanted to stick with DX, D500 for the fucking win, but I'm tired of it. I want FX, low light and quality, I've been using a 16-85mm on a D7100 for three years. I know the D500 is better but I don't care, there's another world out there I want to experience. Maybe if I make enough with this D750 I'll get the D500, or a 70-200mm…

  9. Fony cameras can't focus in low light that's why you never see low light photos from Fony cameras and they are not that bad at ISO 400. Its such a shame they suck balls in low light auto focus. I would love to see the retard with the fedora and see what he could do with ISO 400 and ISO 800. I'm so sick of seeing his videos with his stupid LCD lights.

  10. In Paris right now. I attended a photo walk yesterday. I guy with a D750 saw that I have a D700 and said to me, "I also have that camera. I have thought about selling it, but the colors are just do good." Damn straight. :-)

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