Angry Photographer: “Must own” Nikon lenses for REAL ESTATE & Indoor-Outdoor Property photography

by Staff February 28, 2016 at 11:53 am

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  1. Oh man! It all makes sense… I was recommended the 16-35 (Nikon) but the 14-24 is the top dog for real estate… My plan is to go with the D750 + 14-24. Hope I will be covered because I can afford more lenses right now. I'm going to do real estate photography and my D7000 and NIkon 20mm 3.5 MF wasn't enough… Wish me luck man 🙂 your advices are always bang on! Thanks man!

  2. I just got a steal on a new, in a box, Nikon D3200 for just $179. Same camera at best buy is currently on sale at $399. Anyway,.. Great video. Is in insane to put a $1,200 lens on that Nikon D3200?!?!?!? (the dx3200 is a DX so the 10mm becomes higher, but it's what I have so,..) I'm a real estate agent and want those nice interior shots that wide angle lens gives.

    Also,.. and I'll search through your videos. I do HDR imaging with Photoshop CC,.. looking for tips and tricks for that too!!

  3. Great video. I have the 14-24 on a D810 and love it. What do you recommend for me doing video walk through of a house? I'm afraid with the width of the 14-24 I'll have all sorts of distortion unless I can keep it completely level. Like your channel!

  4. A quick question (or two) about ultrawide lenses:  What are your impressions of a third-party lens like the Tokina 12-24mm f4 AT-X124 Pro DX?  Is the replacement lens (Tokina 12-28mm F4) really worth the extra money?  Trying to find an ultra wide lens for a Nikon D7 series camera and the Nikon 10-24mm and Nikon 12-24mm (good and better) are considerably more…any other suggestions I haven't run across?


  5. Hi there,  I own the Nikon 14-24 f2.8 and realy love it.  I shoot a lot of interiors.  what's your opinion of this lens compared to the Nikon tilt/shift 24mm which I don't have.  Do I realy need it?
    Love your videos.

  6. Hi, I'm thinking about buying a wide angle zoom lens. The Nikon 14-24 is an option, but I was wondering what you might think about the "new" 15-30 f/2.8 from Tamron. I know you don't usually recommend third party lenses, but is this one an exception like the 70-200 form Tamron?
    Or what other lens would you recommend?
    The price difference here in Switzerland is very little, but the 6mm more on the top end would be very nice.
    Side note: Have a Nikon D750 (love it ;))
    I'm asking because I know I will get an honest answer.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  7. I'm a Tri-State Agent. In 20213 I purchased a refurbished D3100 ($360?) and splurged on a Tokina 11-16 ($550?). add some filters and such and I am right around $1,000 for my whole set up! My new listing wows the other agents that have to hire their image work! I do 97% of my work with the Tokina lens.

  8. Hey, I know this isn't related to this video, but what's your take on the Nikon 105mm f/2.8D AF Micro? Found it for about $320 and thinking about picking it up for my macro stuff.

  9. Too much distortion. Don't like the super wide angles.
    I shot real estate with an old SRT-101 35mm film camera w/ two primes , a 35mm and a 28mm and it worked out well. Rokkor lenses were always equal or superior to Nikon. Canon too . Just as good as Leica, as Rokkor built lenses for Leica with actual Rokkor glass. Minolta after all was the poor mans Leica . But not poor in image quality.
    Your videos are good, thank you.

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