Angry Photographer: Professional MONOPOD Tips, Tricks, Techniques & correct usage!

by Staff January 7, 2017 at 12:18 pm

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  1. I love your videos! I bought a couple of lenses based on your recommendations. Nikon should give you money for that! Now I think I am going to get this monopod. Your techniques make a lot of sense!

  2. After watching your video I purchased a Oben BE-117. Exactly as you described it is an outstanding ball head. Now I am ordering an extra QR-20 plate. Already have two monopods, I did not purchase another.

  3. Great, great information, thanks! However, it is not clear to me exactly what you are using the strap for. At the beginning of the video it looks like you are twisting it to get some tension in it (possibly to provide some support), but then for the rest of the video the strap is pretty much loose. Could you please clarify? Thanks again!

  4. I love this video!  Next season when our city has the parade, I am going to scoop those snotnose snoots with their flipppy screen and shaky hands and reach higher than them with my D7000 and this monopod with these techniques.

  5. Very good info. Bought the $99 carbon fiber wonder pod. Better organization would help the Vids…so would less foul language. It would be more professional. But we are what we are. Passion is good. In the end I prefer well experienced truth as opposed to half assed eagerness any day. One quarter the cost for 95% as good will always be my pick. So…many thanks for sharing. Will likely also grab the recommended #117 head from B&H soon. All this will avoid the cumbersome set up and manipulation of a tripod & be ideal for out and about use in any situation. I agree, it should be obvious.

  6. Because of you, I got the Sirui. Totally subscribed, love your brash nature. I know if you wanted my opinion you'd give it to me, but just a simple suggestion to get a better mic. Thanks for all your great vids!

  7. Lots of tips, but no reasons or justifications why. No reasons given why no down-pressure, camera holding, mono legs setting, why mono vs. tri, etc. And did you actually pull out and check your cell phone in the middle of the video, not once but twice???? Sheesh.

  8. I bought Giottos monopod 8670, carbon fiber for round 90$. Very happy with it with very basic ball head. I used mostly for night shots.. Very helpful video..

  9. I just bought a monopod based on some things you previously said and this video. I was truly unable to get sharp shots with one of my larger heavier old AI lenses unless i used a ridiculous shutter speed and in turn, a high iso. Now i used it with the monopod for the first time today man it worked like a charm! I have to get the stance and technique down but a HUGE difference. I had a tripod already but it was annoying to carry and just a bit overkill i see that now using only the monopod. I'll reserve the tripod for long exposures!

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