Angry Photographer: The UTMOST TOP VALUE BEST LENSES for your Nikon DSLR

by Staff February 29, 2016 at 12:08 pm

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  1. Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6g VR or Nikon 135mm f/3.5 ai for my d7100?? not really intending to use for wildlife/action… want a tele for portrait/landscape/street..cant decide! i was decided on the 70-300 until i saw ur depth rendition vidz (which were awesome and makes sense). so pls suggest with ur reason. thanku

  2. omg I see you this time. Also, thanks for you honest coverage of lenses and for encouraging the use of used and older, great performing lenses. I will most likely get a lot of those you mentioned, the 35-70, 70-300, and the 55mm 2.8 AIS (the 55mm you covered in a previous vid). You are helping a lot wince I'm kinda on a budget and am going to be getting a body and the lenses all at once; I'm ne wto photography but want to do the gear part right! Thanks again!

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to give a bit of helpful insight if I can. I am new to DSLR cameras and lens. In fact I don't own a camera or a lens yet though I have one in mind. Anyways watching your video I will say that this video would have been more useful to me in particular if you had given examples of specific photography you would use each lens for while you were explaining the specifications. I don't really know what all of those specifications you are saying mean yet so I am left clueless myself as to the actual value of each lens to myself. Or maybe you could do a video about great lens for beginners?? =D

  4. @Theoria Apophasis just got a D7100 and unfortunately couldnt get rid of the kit 18-55 from the 2 lens bundle (other one being 55-300mm). I am planning to keep the 55-300 for now. But want to get rid of the 18-55 but instead get a fast zoom lens, that i can use for landscapes as well as potraits. Any recommendations ? Thanks for the awesome down to earth video :)

  5. For most of the manual focus lenses you recommend does it matter if you get the AI or the AI-S version? I just snagged a 200mm f4 AI from japan off of ebay.

    Any feelings about the 85mm f2 ai?

  6. I didn't have the dough for the 80-200 f/2.8 unfortunately but i was able to snag the older f/4 model which i just received today and haven't shot too much on it but it is in great condition and from what i have done looks pretty awesome. My one gripe, and i already pretty much knew this is that it is a heavy sucker. It is the same weight as my camera and such, at 80 i can hand hold/focus etc, however when i get toward 200 i cannot hold it still for the life of me its just long heavy/awkward-So i'd like to get a tripod collar for the telephoto range, however being an old ass lens it is not available so do you have any recommendations for me Ken? I measured it with a slightly inaccurate wood school ruler and the only place i can see attaching a collar which would be right after the Aperture ring is around 5.8cm. The only thing i can think of is get a slightly larger one and shim it with something, i know either way i'm going to lose the end of my range but the lens struggles there anyway and I'd rather have a usable ~170mm than a fuzzy 200mm. +Theoria Apophasis

  7. @Theoria Apophasis I am surprised you have the 35mm 1.8G on here not because its not awesome or anything but it was the first lens i purchased outside of kit! I love it though, and it is literally the cheapest new, DX lens Nikon makes and i put it now in front of my D7100 and it is even more amazing without the OLPF my old cam had. Looking forward to trying some of these screw drive lenses!

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