Aperture Explained Photography Tutorial: Understanding Exposure And Camera Settings

by Staff February 19, 2017 at 12:59 pm

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  1. aperture f22 is not a high aperture, that is a mistake, because correctly it's f/22, f stands for focal length.
    This means an aperture of 50mm lens when is set to f/2, it's virtual aperture diameter is 25mm. I write virtual because lenses are very complex, but if you have a single lens element in a camera, then focal lenght divided by it's diameter is the real aperture.

  2. I think most people who watch your videos already know what aperture is. You could have talked about what the f-numbers actually mean, you could've talked about depth of field vs depth of focus and so on, could've talke about why at f1.8 images are softer than at f8. Make it more interesting.

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