Beginner Photography Ep. 7: Shooting RAW and why it’s better than JPG

by Staff October 1, 2016 at 10:57 am

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  1. Great explaination ever! I like how you used the metephor between paper and pencil helps you understand the difference when you edit. Good job! I have 6000 pictures on my macbook how would i go about transfering it somewhere safe just in case my computer ever crashes? 

  2. Hi Luis,
    I've just found your videos tonight, and they are really well put together. Thanks a lot for putting your information in, for free… for photo-enthusiasts like myself.
    I just got a Sony a37 a few days ago, and your channel is helping me greatly, and inspiring me to get to know "Manual" and "RAW" so soon.

    Thanks again,

  3. Great videos, these really helped me ALOTTTT, i thought i would just comment on the last video instead of all of them, thanks so much for making me understand more about using the dslr's. 

  4. Bro, the biggest difference between raw & JPEG is color bit depth. You have 4 times the information in a raw photo which makes editing more precise. Not to mention you can pull an hdr from a single cr2 file.the awkward silence at the end was priceless though

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