Best Beginner DSLR Cameras 2016

by Staff July 15, 2016 at 8:26 am

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  1. Hi Chris can you do a review between sony a5000 and nikon p900….I am just a beginner. i know it is completely in different categories.. but still or just give your choice of purchase … … thanks

  2. whats a good camera for both photography and video/film ..and im only really willing to spend from a 350-400$ range can someone help me ..and also a good lense that can fit with my ovearall budget

  3. Hi Cris!You are very good!What would you recommend me canon between t6 and 100d or 700d as a first camera?For me it is important the image quality.I hope you can answer me soon:))

  4. What camera do you recommend for begin? I know that you said it in the video but i don't understood the model of the camera, can you repeat the model, pls?

  5. Have you ever thought of doing a video explaining different lens mounts for Canon and Nikon? I am looking at Nikon lenses to do some comparisons, and it is confusing compared to Canon's types of lens mounts.

  6. hope to win the Sony… tired of canon not giving the semi professional market what we need, plus it looks like everybody is starting to switch to Sony since they're the only company thats killing it right now.

  7. I really would love to win your giveaway I would love to win a 80d always been a canon fan I just love photography and right now I can't afford to have a dslr so please please help me out

  8. People should focus more on perfecting their craft in photography versus trying to get the latest gadget to make themselves look cool. Having the newest toy does not improve your photography skills…

  9. Always upbeat and enjoyable. incidentally, I've been a pro tog for over 40 years, and have never actually managed to trash a camera. I can sort of understand how a paparazzi might manage it, but it's actually quite difficult to damage kit, even entry level.

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