Best Budget 4K Camera | Panasonic G7 Review

by Staff February 10, 2017 at 12:12 pm

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  1. Smart no nonsense video Brendan! 2 questions: What's the next camera up you'd recommend with 4K capability if I had, say, $1200? And is 4K really the future (3-5 years) of indie filmmaking?

  2. I'm hopefully picking up a G7 14-42mm lens kit in the next couple days. Was wondering, what lens hood/uv filter can I get for that lens? Is it a 46mm filter thread? Or 49mm? What products would work with it? Thanks!

  3. Just one thing I don't understand: the camera turns off after 29 minutes and you need to restart? Why? You can't configure to record like 1 hour without to be interrupted?

  4. Thinking about starting a youtube channel and you definitely sold me. I was stuck in between the canon rebel T6i and the G7. I def I think I'll get more bang for my buck with this. Thanks!

  5. Brennan, what's the best bang for the buck in action cameras? Something with all the attachments, good in low light, good image stabilization and good build quality? Thanks man.

  6. I need help 🙁 I just got my camera today and was playing with the settings I went to Manual and every time I take a shot its all black where should I adjust in the settings please help.

  7. Your a great reviewer absolutely direct useful information so appreciated
    I live in Thailand and am a teacher here I have been teaching 56 years I wanted this camera for vloging
    I founded it here for expensive price 1100. US so I will try to get it here from Amazon. Jerry

  8. There is one more issue with this camera. For some reason, there is region lock for picture norm. If you buy this cam in Europe or Australia, you will be locked on PAL, 25/50 FPS only. There is hack to record in NTSC, 30/60 FPS, but it is annoying that you can't simply switch it in menu.

  9. Great video Brennan, very informative! Question: what do you think of this camera's colors? How do they compare to, for example, Canon's colors? Thanks, love your channel and congrats on 1000 subscribers!

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