Best Budget Lenses for DSLR Video Under $500

by Staff August 14, 2016 at 9:12 am

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  1. Hi, thanks for the tips. Any idea of what would be best for my style of videos? I am pretty new to cameras and am using the lense that came on the camera (AF-s Nikkor 18-55) and there is also a 55-200 that came with the bundle.

  2. I'm buying a nikon d5500 with kit lens 18-55mm. should I upgrade to a bigger lens like a 18-105mm and a prime lens 50 mm or should I just get a prime lens only. it's my first camera, just need it for personal use and to take on vacation.

  3. I am shooting a short film this summer. I have the Nikon 5200 with the Kit lenses and a 35mm 1.8 I really just want a crisp look I know the 35mm is a monsters. what would you recommended for shooting film? Or will the 35mm carry it.

  4. I came here for information on lenses and you did a great job of doing that, but I have to say I kept focusing on your desktop wallpaper. I was trying to figure out what it was and it was making me go insane. Could you please let me know. 🙂 btw, keep up the great work and helping us all out.

  5. I recently purchased a Sony A600 bundle and came with the kit lens and a E 55-210mm. The lenses are nice but I'm not getting the video quality that I want like when I shoot video with my Canon G7X. What lenses would be best suited for me. (Something great in lowlight and video). Thanks

  6. My first lens investment was a canon 50mm f/1.8 lens (bigger than the one you linked though) and while it takes beautiful shots, most of my shooting is indoors and so I rarely use it! xD
    So I ended up getting some manual film lenses and canon adapters and some of them are nice. But being a solo shooter I can virtually never use them while shooting myself as even with DSLR Controller, I can never get a good focus on myself with them for obvious reasons.

  7. Great vid! I need help in narrowing down some lens choices for my predicament. I just got into shooting dslr video for product reviews and shorts. I use 2 cameras for angles. I love my 50mm but i have to set the camera to far back to get full height video (My studio for recording isn't very spacious).I maybe need something in between 50mm and 18-55.
    MY QUESTION: Looking for a lens with awesome color, sharp image, but able to get almost 5 ft height shots from 5 yards away. Don't care if its prime, zoom, wide, or macro glass, just want a full size/ high quality image from closer range.What lens should I get & can this lens be done around $500 or less? Let me know thanks a ton?

  8. Hello Roberto could you please answer a DSLR focusing question that I cant find the answer anywhere? 35mm film cameras have a split screen focus system which to me is perfect. my mirrorless lumix doesnt have it and using the zoom/focusung aid is slow and imprecise. since modern DSLR's have the pentaprism thingy do they also have the split screen focus? thanks

  9. Big Rob, I dig you doing tech reviews thats your calling man and we need Mo! anyway I' shoot older manual lenses. and we all hear the "get the best glass" you can afford advice but as film maker groms we dont always have a chance to see the difference to understand. it would be great if you could do a quick follow up of this with a video showing side by side shots from your budget list vs your no limit soldier lenses.

  10. Thanks for the vid as always! 😀 Keep up the great work :3

    I personally go for super zoom lenses since they provide a better overall performance and solution for me, since the only times I record video for friends at events where their on a massive scene. And a prime lens really isn't that useful in those situations unless you get very close to the performer. But honestly I mostly do photography since that's what I like to do, I only do video stuff whenever a friend asks me to… Or if someone pays me for it xD

  11. Look at the Tamron 24-70mm 2.8. Its a bit more expensive than this budget allows, but it's like half the price of the Canon and Nikon equivalents (and to be honest, not as good optically), but especially for video it's a great bit of glass because of the image stabilisation.

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