BEST Camera For Beginner Photography 2017!

by Staff February 22, 2017 at 1:18 pm

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  1. Chris thanks for doing these videos, i am an absolute noob at cameras and good filming. When i started my youtube channel i went out and bought a Nikon coolpix S6900 and while i have learned a few things i find it very limited in what it can do. My channel is on fish keeping and so i am trying to record fish in a tank through glass, that are moving so it can be very difficult to get decent footage. I am also on a fixed income and can't spend 1200$ on a Nikon 750 frame and another 1k on a lens so it would really helpful if you could talk about "tank shooting" lenses and cameras that will enable a noob to learn and yet get really good video. You can of course see "what" i have done on my channel, some have turned out ok, others blurry and rather useless…it may well be operator error rather than my equipment…

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