Best DSLR Settings for Video

by Staff January 20, 2017 at 12:15 pm

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  1. Your videos are life changing for creators!! Thank you so much!! I know this is a slightly older video, but my question is this: I'm filming with a Canon T6i, and I usually use a "nifty fifty". I'm primarily a beauty youtube and I'd love to be able to hold a product or swatch up to the camera and have it quickly autofocus on that, then pull my hand away and get the autofocus back on my face. Is there a lens that can do that while still getting that gorgeous shallow depth of field, or am I doomed to shoot b-roll for the rest of my life? Thanks in advance!

  2. Thank you! super helpful and specific. I really appreciate it. I will try to change up some of my settings based off this video when I film this weekened. I have been to scared to change from auto mode

  3. Nice video, I'm going to use this for my stuff. Much appreciated. I'm on a Canon M5 with the kit lens and another 22mm on order. Should be good! Loving 2017 so far and loving content creation!

  4. It also helps if you can find your camera's native ISO and adjust around that number. You're limited but a base ISO is the highest ISO setting before noise is introduced. So it's a trail and error thing. This would help if you can't get your hands on a fast lens.

  5. You missed a big point – that you will have much more professional footage if you go into the image profile settings, and lower the sharpness scale to zero. The footage looks much more professional when you do that.

  6. Great way to explain it to someone who is new to all this. so helpful. my videos wreck wayyyy over exposed and understanding how to set the white balance will make a huge difference. My skin looked all wrong. Thank you.

  7. I'm new to the dslr rebel t5 been using mirrorless cameras. With my new Canon Rebel and using the nifty fifty 50mm lens my challenge is get it a sharp focus on my face. I do beauty videos been somewhat frustrating trying to get nice videos with it. Is there a reason why myself and the background gets super fuzzy and blurry. I've had the camera for less than a month.

  8. This was so helpful!! Do you have a video on how to set up auto focus settings for rebel series, like the t5i using the 24mm? If not that would be awesome to see since I have trouble with that and usually end up filming in manual which works but takes more time to set up. Thanks!!!

  9. Great video Sean. Do you have a video about how to focus also? I see you have set it to face af. I was confused with how to focus on tabletop or overhead videos for example unboxing videos where the camera is looking down at the table. Is it best to use autofocus or manual focus? I would like everything on the table in frame to be in focus? Please could you give some advice?

  10. Hello Sean, I know you get hundreds of comments but I would love to get some feedback. I am really struggling with autofocus. I have the 760d which should autofocus, but even when my lens is set to AF it either does not autofocus or constantly keeping autofocusing even in natural light. Not to mention the noise it makes, but i guess this can be fixed using an external mic. Let me know whats the best AF setting cause it is driving me insane :(

  11. Hi, great video btw. I just got a new Canon 750D for shooting video. Your settings seem to focus on achieving a very blurred background? Is that a desirable look? Would you not want to have more of the picture in focus as a whole?? I don't know I'm totally new to this. Cheers

  12. My biggest challenge with recording right now is an issue where my canon rebel t5 "spontaneously stops recording" after being adjusted. Is this common? And if so, can it be avoided?

  13. I've been researching, practicing, and (mainly) struggling with my DSLR for about a year–thanks to your video, I finally understand it!!! THANK YOU!! (definitely subscribed, I look forward to binging your content). Happy New Year!!

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