Best DSLR Video Settings For Canon Cameras

by Staff November 4, 2016 at 11:26 am

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  1. Hello,
    Great video!
    I have my camera to shoot video in manual. I can control the shutter speed and aperture but the ISO is set at AUTO. What do I need to do in order to be able to control my ISO? It's so frustrating not being able to control the ISO as I do in manual picture mode.
    Camera: Canon Rebel T5
    Thank you!

  2. I'm going for a more vlog / run and gun style video / videos for my channel. what would be the best setting for this type of video taking? (no film making, but more everyday type shooting)

  3. ISO is a noun and not an acronym. It is 'eye so' not 'eye ess oh'. It's a word that happens to use all caps in its spelling. I just learned this so not truly a a camera geek yet….

  4. Hi Dave
    can the Saramonic SR AX107 be used to overcome the AGC problem in my Canon D550 Ti2 like the Juicelink box?
    from watching YouTube it looks as I have to switch the AGC on the Saramonic, and use the other channel for audio in.
    thanks for you assistance

  5. Dave, thanks for all the help, I have watched many of your videos (which I consider benchmark quality) & have learned a lot. I am doing indoor talking head videos like yours in a total dark room). I use multiple soft boxes with high wattage bulbs & a black backdrop – and have experimented with various 3 point light placements & different quantity of lights. I am shooing with a Nikon D610 & a Nikkor 24 to 120 lens. I can get everything tuned in but my skin tone. I get brown areas at my receding hair line area & green tones in my neck & forearms. I can't seem to get real good focus on my face, everything else is in focus with respectable color tone. I fine tuning focus specifically my face (in manual focus). I have tried make up & it looks like I am wearing make up. I shoot 24 FPS, 50 aperture, 200 ISO and 6.3 F, as this is what my light meter recommends. I also use a custom white balance based on a shot image of a color card in the same lighting. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong or how I can improve this condition? Thanks in advance – Steve

  6. Hello mr Darren I have a Canon T3 EOS Rebel DSLR camera and I am trying to figure out what is the best setting for shooting video with so I can do most of my color correction in post production! I am trying to get that film cinematic look in my music video. can you help me please?

  7. Holy sounds almost Greek to me…a Canon SX700 camera is grainy on the LED screen… now I'm stunned with numbers n apatures can someone give me some ideas please on how to set this camera for night filming please? Or a setting for indoor pics that are not grainy….thank u..I thought this was a great camera but am having problems with it….remember I really have no clue how use this…I know then why did I buy it? Well……that's a great question maybe one of u out in camera land can answer as well… thank you! 

  8. I agree on pretty much everything Dave said, except the sharpness setting. I like to keep my sharpness setting at 3 or 4. I do this because it´s as close to the sharpness I see on my movie DVDs( blockbuster movies). I have a 42 inch LCD TV and this is the closest I have gotten to look cinematic. The other reason I do this is because I do not have to use unsharp mask in premiere…which slows down rendering. By doing this in cámara, all I have to do is worry about color correction and grading. Mind you, this is my opinión and it Works well for me on my televisión….this is not BlueRay, just your standard DVD. The  picture comes out crisp and clean…without artefacting. Give it a try and see what you think!

  9. This is definitely going to be helpful for me. I will have to go back and look at the settings that my Canon Rebel T5 is currently on. The problem I am facing is that 1. the images look clear on the LCD but when I upload them they are blurry and 2. the lighting isn't as bright as I want it. I have lighting equipment that has day lights but they really don't brighten that much. I know I have to change the ISO but I have no idea where to even begin with that. When I use Manual Focus I can get a more clear image but its really hard to do this without asking someone to sit in for me to focus on. I do beauty videos where I am the one on camera so I've run into several issues with trying to get the focus correct when filming by myself.

  10. Everything looks so good and clear and in focus on lcd while I film but on laptop its kinda blurry overexposed and noisy.. is this something with settings or something with much should be fstop for indoor filming? And whats merering timer?.it wud mean a lot if u helped.

  11. Watched this so many times I think I know it by heart!  lol Great videos Dave, they have helped me a ton, I even bought your course for my T5i and it was a HUGE help. One issue I have is filming in manual that every time I do that, after I get home and look at my video it's not in focus. When I'm filming and look at the video via the lcd on my T5i it looks great, then I get home and it doesn't look so good. My vision isn't that good (thanks to diabetes) so I usually film in full auto but often in my videos you can see the lens focusing in and out during the video, not too pleased with that. Can I focus using the auto focus and then switch over to manual and it hold the focus? I'm a one man show and film all videos not moving from a tripod. Thank you!

  12. Thanks for your video. Your video always healpful specially me. Please sugest me compare Canon Eos 5D mark 2 vs EOS 6D vs GH4 vs Sony A7S
    which 1 is best for HDSLR video? And

    canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM, EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM,
    EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM or EF 70-200mm f/4L USM which lance is best for DSLR video?

  13. Hey Dave, what kind of shutter would you take filming a thunder storm? I’d thought such a short event like a lightning requires a much high shutter setting to get it all on film.

  14. Great review. Bought myself a Canon 70d. Mainly using it for video. I am using a Canon EF 50mm – f/1.4 USM Lens, set my camera to a shutter speed of 1/125 as I was filming at 60fps, aperture at 1.4, ISO to 100, and camera settings to M (manual). The problem was that in sunlight at these settings everything is blown out so the only way to control the exposure is to increase the aperture so you lose that shallow depth of field or change the shutter speed to something much higher as the exposure compensation is non adjustable in the M mode. Any advise? Do I just increase the shutter speed? How would using a higher shutter speed, say 1/4000 affect my video as I have been advised to only use 1/50 when filming at 25fps and 1/125 when filming in 60fps. Am I missing something? 

  15. Why is it, the image i get in the LCD screen , doesn't represent the actual picture/video at all … in any way other than the position lol. Does this mean, the LCD viewfinder is broadcasting a picture/video that is fake? Or why can't my camera take the picture or video footage that is in the LCD? The LCD screen picture or video looks perfect, but when i film/photo, it's grainy / distorted or even noisy when i transfer them to my disktop.. I don't understand :/ I'm still learning i guess lol

  16. My plan is to keep the shutter speed at 1/50th and keep the ISO at 400 and operate the exposure by using a combination of the aperture and a graduated ND filter. Left hand on the filter and right thumb operating the aperture. Waiting on the ND filter now – what do you reckon ?

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