Best Macro Lens For Beginners | What is 1:1 Magnification Ratio?

by Staff June 25, 2016 at 5:52 am

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  1. Question, and I hope it's not a dumb question. In addition to macro photography, I'm in need of a lens for event photography (conferences, church services, one or two weddings, funerals, etc.) I just bought a Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 DC HSM to replace my 18-55mm Nikkor kit lens – and LOVING IT).

    I'm on a tight budget and can't afford a 70-200mm 2.8 yet (to fill in the gap on the short end, I might get a 50mm 1.8; using a Nikon D5000). Sigma has an older model 150mm f/2.8 Macro lens for about $350-$450 on eBay (HSM, no OS). Do you think that would be a smart purchase, given the tasks I need for it to accomplish, getting tight shots of distanced speakers at a relatively acceptable shutter speed without flash (I have a flash gun, but in the event where one isn't permitted), capturing small groups or individuals within a crowd/audience, helping to capture small details at events as needed, etc?

  2. I recently picked up the Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro. AMAZING lens! Does Macro as well as semi-telephoto. Works great on both ends, like having 2 lenses in one. I highly recommend the Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro.

  3. other than allows me to get closer to subject, would extension tube change a len's aperture and focal length? like how aps-c sensor to do a lens. thanks!

  4. if i go for a 40mm can i take macro as well as street photos and landscapes??
    which lens is more useful for a beginner like me ?
    (macro, low light and travel are my favorites)

    sigma 70 – 300 macro 1:2
    nikon 40mm
    nikon 35mm f1.8

    Please help me…

  5. Well, I do love my Tamron 90 macro lens, a bit more into the budget than the canon 100, with the vello tubes, it has behaving wonderfully well. I am now able to make macro of insects just hand held, though it took some moths of practise! Still learning a lot of stuff on macro, thanks a lot for you video you are great explaining, cheers from Uruguay.

  6. Hey, so I got a Panasonic GH4 and when I tried focusing really closeup on a statue, it wouldn't focus. It turns out that was for wide shots, and since I do reviews of figures I want to get really close to show full detail. What is the best macro lens or extension tubes you recommend?

  7. Thank you for the info it really helping one but I need more and more info to learned because I am a beginner and I brought my Nikon D7000 and without lens what Lens is good for my Niko D7000 and as a beginner? I hope you will recommend me something thank you

  8. Hello thanks for the great tutorial. I do have a question. I'm quite the amateur well like a senior amateur lol. I have a Canon T3i and for the most part I use the kit lens 18 to 55mm Lens. I shoot a lot of photos outside of some of my 1:18 diecast model cars. I come in problems with lighting as well as some details get washed out, and a lot of noise.. I'm not sure if maybe I need a macro lens or something. I'm giving a link to one of my most recent shoots and you tell me what do you think.

  9. As far as your recommendations on the NIKON 40mm 2.8 Macro 1:1, the Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX couple with an Extension Tube is ideally a better budgetary position to start with relative to a dedicated Macro lens. Since the "Nifty 35mm" is more sensitive to light (f/1.8 versus f/2.8)…Don't you think?
    I do appreciate the video for convincing me to invest into the Extension Tubes option. I have read about them but I am finally convinced that is the way to go…
    Thanks for the inspiration about Macro photography…Cheers!

  10. Thanks for your advice. From your lecture I have come to know that different purposes need different lenses. Amateur and a beginner photographer like me really need a macro lense? Can't we use prime lenses for that?

  11. I have the Tokina AT-X PRO AF 100mm F/2.8 D Macro Lens 1:1 bought it mint used from eBay and love it. Very budget friendly and also fantastic portrait lens as well. Just throwing it out there. Thanks.

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