BEST VLOG/YOUTUBE SETUP | Sony Alpha a5000 Camera Review

by Staff November 28, 2016 at 10:49 am

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  1. Thanks for the video . I was looking on Best Buy and filtered all the things I wanted , and this camera was perfect . It has IS , flip screen , 1080 , seems perfect . Thanks for the video ! I'll be picking this camera up .

  2. Hi great video! I've been trying to find a good vlogging camera that also takes good pictures and I came across your channel. I can't see myself paying a lot for a camera so I'm looking for the best deal and hopefully this is if. How is the image stabilization and have you had any overheating problems?

  3. Great video 🙂 We are actually thinking about getting pretty much the same setup with the a5000 and tripod, Other models like the g7x and rx100 range are just too expensive and this seems to be more or less as good in a lot of areas.

  4. I got the same camera set up! I actually took the metal tabs off with needle nose pliers… I just started a daily vlog and have 2 videos up. Check them out if you want… Still learning how to use it and how to edit but it's been a blast! Alost at 1000 SUBS, thats huge!!

  5. Nice video man! Thanks for this. Just looking for a new camera… to go from sony xpera z5 smart phone to camera. Just one question… does it overheat? If you are shooting for a long time? Nice channel. I'm subbin'. Check also mine.

  6. +Cryptic Results
    hello, … does this camera good for newbie or amateur photographer?
    does the starter kit lens is good enough? or i should buy the new one?
    i have plan to learn about photography, and i'm new in this area … Does A5000 is good for me?

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