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  1. Curious,.. I currently have a bunch of Canon lenses and a T3i and was thinking of upgrading to either a barely used 70d (only 1500 actuation's with full 2 year warranty) or a new G7 from B&H for $469.00 (currently on sale). I've used the 70d and the focusing system is 'stellar', but now I'm kind of on the fence about buying the G7 since I'd need a $350.00 adapter ring in order to get the most out of my canon lenses and that worries me since the 70d is not only 70.00 bucks less expensive, but I have a feeling that my current lenses will likely work better with the 70d (no adapter of course).
    This is now the THIRD review of the G7 that makes me think that I should save my money for now and look at a more capable 4K camera a bit later down the road… Am I wrong?

  2. And I was about to buy two of this cameras for video but I have seen the same problem over and over again… hunting when focusing… so will go with the Sony a6500

  3. I was thinking about buying this for making youtube videos (makeup tutorials, talking vids etc) but since you're hesitant on recommending this for video, what would you recommend? This is on sale for $497 so I'm looking for something around that price point. would a canon rebel t5i be better?

  4. Love it, very good review!
    I'm really want to know what you think about the new panasonic g80/g85 &
    do a comparison between them especially in low light 😉 ,
    because in the new camera (g80) there is a 5-axis image stabilization with Dual I.S. 2,
    I heard that it pretty bad compared to the gx80/gx85 (maybe it's just an update which can fix it)
    What do you think ?

  5. I love this camera ! Its got a great form factor and very light body. The 50 mm prime gives me tac sharp pics. The 4 K mode is super cool and I think it is one of the best video cameras in market for this, price. The 4k picture, option is a very clever way of using the 4k , 30 fps mode and then converting, it to still images. This was my first Panasonic and I love the menu system, which is so intuitive.

    However I do feel there are a few issues –

    The image stabilisation is so important in these format of camera, because the advantage you get out of holding & walking with it in your hand, is lost if you have a shaky image. But G7 doesn't have IS.

    Further, I feel the micro 4/3 format in general suffers from darker images, in, low light condition and because the issue is accentuated with a crop factor of 2. I generally use lens with a aperture of more than 2.3, which struggles to render good images. Most of my telephoto lenses have 4.3 and higher aperture. A similar lens in a full frame might receive more light thus better for low light. This issue is very visible whilst using the Panasonic.

    So, unless the light is really bright, and if I to have use a higher shutter speed for wild life photography then the output gets too dark ( I don't like to crank up ISO, generally).

    I am waiting to buy a 300 or 400mm telephoto lens as that would, unleash the absolute full potential of this camera. I am glad that, the 4/3 system generally have lower entry point from price point of view (same lens of canon 600 mm would cost over 12k while here is costs just over 599 USD). This makes it a great camera for "enthusiast" who want to rub shoulders with a professional.

    I do sometimes however also feel the form fact is too small for my large hands.

    What's been your experience? Is there a word around for issue of low light ( without increasing the ISO)?

  6. I've watched your videos about these Panasonics (also your many others) but I after 2 videos I still don't understand why exactly they fail for video. (Former GH4 user, Sony's user and current GX85 user)
    I only get 2 specific things:
    1. Mic input on GX85. Yes the GH4 had mic input (G7 does) and onboard mic was high quality, but if you're serious about sound, a small zoom recorder will smoke any mic connected to camera input. I had high end mic connected to my GH4 and it was almost the same as onboard mic. The Zoom was much better. Not to mention that capturing sound from the camera position is amateurish, and I'm being nice here.
    2. Autofocus. Yes, Sony is better in 1 or 2 models only (RX100 IV sucks for 4K AF just like Panasonic). Canon is by far the best. However, none good enough to rely on, and I have doubts there will be. I use Panasonic in AF-S and works very well, just touch where to focus and you're good.
    You said something about image quality and honestly I used them all but don't see that. Set up default and yes there is poor DR especially on GX85 but turn down contrast (starting from most neutral profile), lower highlights and up shadows and no problems.
    There are differences in these cameras where one is better then the other in X area and viceversa, but still don't understand why you dismiss them for video like they are junk. Others have all kinds of problems too but somehow a few things the Panasonic lacks are dealbreakers

  7. wow cannot believe this camera is going for only $700. It has an articulating touch screen so you can see yourself and shoots 4k! IT even has a mic input omg whoever wants a 4k camera to do videos must consider this camera. You just can't buy a camera like this for the price and features

  8. Hello, I need to get a cam within few weeks and the G7 have the answers to all my needs. My main focus is video (low light mostly)
    However, I got really confused when I saw the result on the GX85 with its cool 5 axis stabilization. Having that that level of stability in my videos would definitely be a plus. But I still prefer the grip and the ergonomics on the G7, also, I can't buy the G85 (which will be out soon siwth 5axis stabilization) cz it's be expensive.

    My question is, can I achieve, with my G7, a footage perfectly steady like the GX85's with accessories and software?
    (could be a steady mount + software etc…)

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