Cameras I Use for Making Youtube Videos

by Staff January 30, 2017 at 11:59 am

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  1. Great video Caleb. You see a lot of people talking about these camera's but to hear someone apply their "real world" experience and how they have assigned a specific role for their workflow, really helps one make an educate buying decision.

  2. The white background is nice, I like the simplicity of it and it keeps the focus on you so you don't have people looking at the background instead of the subject

  3. Hey Caleb,

    Can you tell me how far on a 1080p timeline you can zoom in on a C100 shot without losing quality? And how far can you zoom in on an actual 4K resolution file without losing quality on a 1080p timeline? Thanks!

    – Paul

  4. Hi Caleb, have any sense to buy a Canon C100 Mark II in 2017?
    I'm tired of using dsrl's for video, but I'm afraid the C100's could be old technology and Canon may launches a new model with 4K this year. As I usually use it for live events, I do not really need 4K, but I do not want to lose money investing in old equipment. Thanks!

  5. Not sure what my next camera will be…either the 80D or maybe the GH4. I'm not super crazy about a 4k and I'm already in the Canon line with the T3i (ancient haha) so I might go Canon even though there is some angst against the 80D because it's the camera that got released "a few years too late". I'd really love to get my hands on a C100 though.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts! What would be your gimbal cam? Specifically if you were going with a high weight limit small one like a Pilotfly H2? And have you had any troubles getting your main footage from the C100's to match with the Panasonic and Sony's?

  7. I'm so late to the upload. :/ You're seriously having me doubt the a6500 over the G85. Decisions decisions. Now, you did mention the a6500 is the best camera Sub $1000, where did you find it at that price? All your links shows it at $1398.

  8. I started my Panasonic journey back with an HVX200, then several GH2s then a pair of GH4s right when they came out. But, my long Panasonic experience is over – just sold my last GH4 tonight. My only remaining m43 kit is the Metabones Speedbooster which is also on eBay looking for a new home. Fantastic cameras that produced incredible ROI over the years. I used to use Nikon for stills and the Panasonics for video work. I'm now carrying Fuji for stills and Sony for video. It's hard to go wrong with any of the recent cameras, so it's largely down to personal preferences and where your edge cases lie.

    When I think about how much the HVX200 cost, not to mention the P2 media, vs. what we can get for the same amount of money, I realize how relatively spoiled we are today ;-)

  9. I'm currently using a BlackMagic Design Ursa (full size not the mini). I love the camera but I'll be happier when they release the turret upgrade. Thanks for this video though as I've been thinking about getting something smaller for when I have to go mobile (the Ursa sometimes makes me miss my 5D MKIII).

  10. This video is really useful, thank you Caleb! We are looking for a new camera but we are so lost. We do vlogs but in a different way, not only pointing to our faces while walking down the street or at home, but also a lot of b-roll and slowmotions. We are using a Sony a5100 which is great, but since we started vlogging, we had so many problems: no mic. input, battery life is really poor and the a5100 overheats in just 4 or 5 minutes. We need a camera with mic. input, 100 or 120fps for proper slowmotions (60fps doesn't work sometimes), flipout screen, touch-to-focus screen like a5100 and at least 3200 usable ISO (Tokyo is really dark sometimes). Maybe Lumix gh5 could work, but if we focus on the cameras are now in the market, would you recommend? Thank you very much!

  11. very interesting vid. cheers! how about the new canon c series with 4k? ive heard that the 4k isnt as sharp even as the sony a6300/a6500 though… and the price is huge.

  12. no a7sii or a7rii :*( I own the g7 but I a roll the a7sii and a7rii as back up. I want a 6500 just because. but I want the new gh5 and g8 even though I don't like the m43 limitations they still are special.

  13. Nice video as usual. I currently am using the G7 as my all-around camera equipped with a sigma 18 to 35 1.8. However No meta-bones adapter. This Lens has awesome depth of field but no auto focus with the adapter unfortunately. So I may have to sell it to pick up a 12 to 35 2.8. Is there any adapter I can get for my Sigma lens for the g7 to not always be zoomed in manual mode

  14. As much as I want the GH5 or a G85, I just can't do it to myself right now financially. Being 15 is just too much, and I already have a Canon 6D that's been my trusted, reliable body for 3 1/2 years now. Just recently got an 80D, which I kind of wish I got a G85 or saved up for a GH5 instead, but not the biggest thing.
    My favorite lens I bought (a couple months back) is the Tamron 45mm VC. You should really check out one of those lenses sometimes, I cannot tell you enough how handy having the VC is in a prime lens – considering I don't have bodies with any sort of Image Stabilization, it's really helpful.
    Great video, as usual! Love the outro :)

  15. Hey Caleb,I'm a noob and I've never had a interchangeable lens camera and what is your opinion of the Sony A5000 if you've ever come across with it in the past. I know it's a very old model but it's very affordable to me right now here (under $400 with freebies and kit lens) and it's brand new with 3 yr warranty on service and parts. I'm planning to use it for basic YouTube videos and shoot some stills. Thanks in advance.

  16. Good stuff C.
    I would be curious what you think of my gear and what support equipment I use.
    I uploaded a video recently covering a few types of set up for-
    Run and gun, low light, optimal image quality etc.
    I would love your critical input. :)

  17. How long till the C100 will be outdated/replaced by something better at a similar price? I'm eyeing the new GH5 (I still have my first DSLR, Nikon 3200), and am looking to upgrade soon but don't know if I should leave the GH5 in the dust for something like the C100…

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