Canon DSLR tutorial: How to shoot a Panorama

by Staff September 8, 2016 at 9:55 am

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  2. Shoot your pictures in manual mode with the same aperture and shutter time and stitch them together with Microsoft Image Composite Editor. I didn't need a tripod, the program worked great and stitched the images flawlessly.

  3. this didnt help at all she never mentioned what setting to start in and how to actually take the shots.. i mean Iphones have Pano modes and take great shots with little effort, is there not a mode to help take pano shots on a Cannon t3i?

  4. I suggest, capture it one by one and stitch them on your computer using Microsoft ICE. Go to Photosynth[dot]net and check great HQ full 360 degrees panos and how Microsoft ICE manage to stitch these images.

    You wont get your best results if you just rely on low power low cpu digicams

  5. I didn't understand .. in some digital cameras there is an option for shooting panorama photos .. is there is such option in the DSLRs or you capture it one by one and reassembling them on computer

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