Canon EOS 70D Review

by Staff August 6, 2016 at 9:05 am

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  1. hi fanschel and jenisch…i am a fan of you from indonesia…i just having problem with my 70d lately..the camera lcd freeze and there is sign err 70 in the top lcd, have you ever the same problem with me? the second question is…i never notice that red led on the sd card cover always flashing red when shooting video, is it normal or not?

  2. Hello there I start recording in 1280 60 APM-I (not quite sure) and an ISO to MAX.
    I am having a problem in shooting a video when I shoot in a slight dark place it has a ton of NOISE and so so so so High on NOISE but when I go to great light the NOISE decreases but at some point they are still there like when I shoot at the background of an object and the noise is so annoying. Is there any option to the EOS 70D to fix the NOISE and make it clear just like your Video here.


    PS im using the kit lens 18-135mm IS STM KIT

  3. r u video maker or picture capturer ? then change the title of your video, that stuff its mostly for capturing picture, your video its about film making, its not a review :)

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