Canon EOS M5 “Real World RAW EDITING” In Adobe Lightroom CC: Photo Editing Tips And Tricks

by Staff February 17, 2017 at 12:04 pm

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  1. That went a little to far for me around 653. Looks great tho man! and I know it sounds dickish to say " Oh i am a master at…blah blah blah" But you do definitely know what your ding and it seems like you do it pretty well. keep on brother, your photos/videos are great!

  2. your majesty.jarred,.im a big fan of u..can u give me our advice which is better camera?im thinking about D500 or 80D and considering the 5D mark iii.?.im a photo and video type of and landscape..thanks a lot

  3. You have to practise with Lightroom and then maybe teach. Did you see any Lightroom vid on YT? You can learn that way. I m not saying yor editing is bad, its good but its obious that you dont have experience with it.
    Sorry if my grammar isnt good, im spanish.

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