Canon Rebel T2i (550D) dslr Tutorial 1

by Staff June 15, 2016 at 5:19 am

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  1. Just got this camera and your tips are very helpful, thanks for taking the time to do this , And check me out @ cymandetv on youtube because I will be using this to shoot my videos as well. Keep the tips coming my friend!

  2. Hi, why is it that when i push the button to take a picture, i have to hold on the button for it to work, cause it the lens pops in and out and the screen adjusts before the picture gets taken? Why doesn't the picture get taken immediately after i push the button?

  3. When you were showing the setting for creative auto mode, what buttons were you using? We could only see the screen with the changes happening, and no clue to what you were really doing with the camera. Could you please address this issue? Thanks.

  4. @makubexjo I had the same problem until I bought a bigger memory card. Check out the SanDisk Extreme SDHC Class 10 card on Amazon. I have a 32GB and it works great. And they're pretty cheap too, not expensive at all.

  5. hi derek we just bought dis slr and when i want to upload the pictures .. i cant see the pictures in the memory card but it appears in the camera if i view them.. what should i do?.. i put my camera in full auto i dnt know how to transfer the my notebook pls. help ..thank you and have a nice day

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