Choosing a Monitor for Photo Editing & Video Editing

by Staff July 8, 2016 at 6:50 am

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  1. Thanks for the video.

    The problem with most of monitors is that while manufacturers are pushing color accuracy and features, they still cannot get rid of "childish issues" like IPS glow, backlight bleeding, uniformity issues. Some reviewers of ASUS ProArt monitors told that they had to inspect four!!! monitors from the same model line to find one which had acceptable quality.

    I too have a strange experience with one ASUS monitor which was good in every other aspect but had bad backlight issues and also entire model line had issues with angular brightness shifts – the problem which I expected from old TN displays and not Pro line of monitors. And even an old e-IPS model turned out to be better in this aspect. I have an old video demonstrating the issue:

    Currently I'm looking to upgrade to 27" but I'm afraid to buy online and the choice of good IPS displays in my local shops is non-existent.

  2. How about the BenQ 2700 for editing photos?  For videos I would go 4K like the BenQ 3201. I've seen them in person and are gorgeous.


    [when you spend thousand of dollars for camera and lens you better spend 1.5K for REAL monitor,after all will be the "window" for your images]

  4. My old trusty Doublesight finally died, so I need a monitor. It is between the Doublesight DS-309" or a used NEC PA-302W which are 30" which I think may be too large in relation to the space I sit from it, the Viewsonic VP2772 or the NEC PA272W-BK-SV.

    I'm fairly sure that the latter two would be just about perfect other than I hate 16:9, but I don't have much of a choice.

    I do notice the Asus offerings are blatantly off color and spent the latter part of a day trying to get my mom's to look right. I was able to make a huge improvement, although I couldn't get it quite to my liking. If I had a calibration tool, it would have helped significantly. Also, the colors were not even consistent. Of all the cheaper monitors, the Asus's were better than the others I saw in stores too, but leaves a lot for me to be desired.

    I saw the Dell U2414M was 1920×1200 and got excited (although I kind of refuse to buy anything Dell/HP), but the reviews said it was noticeably bad with colors. I would like something to look at least as good as the old screen.

  5. Thank you for your video. PC Mag review for Feb. 2015 "How to Choose the Right Monitor for Photo Editing" recommended 27" screen for pro photographers. My color management teacher recommends Eizo which is pricey. I'm producing photo books and fine art photography. Will Dell U2414H do the job? Saving money is key to starting a business.

  6. Hey Matt (Hope I spelled that right), Great Video! If you get a chance, you should check out our LCM156 – while it's geared towards professional video production and post production – it also works amazing for photo editing. 178 Degree viewing angle, true 10 bit color depth, RGBLED, feature rich, 15.6" (Making it great for Field and Desktop work) – and the price is only $649 – but of course we want to give the every artist the chance to have a professional monitor without destroying their bank.

  7. ViewSonic VA2349Sb arrived today, picture quality is really good, right next to dell u series. Had 2312 hm, he died, bought this and it's good.

  8. I would definitely go with the U2413 for many reasons. But if I was going for a cheaper second screen, then I'd pick another 24" dell from the cheaper ones, may be the U2414M/H

  9. I purchased a Dell XPS 2720 all in one computer. I was in expectation that I could edit my HD 1080p videos correctly and not needing a monitor..Now I have noticed that when I color edit using my cyblerlink color director it looks OK on the computer but when I put it up on my 75" Samsung full HD the colors are off and looks bad. I do underwater and it is very difficult sometimes to get the blue correct without waves and fading in and out colors.. Question..Why cant a computer like this work as a monitor.. are all PC computers not suitable for HD video editing..

  10. I bought HP Z24x (a little brother to Z27x) due thinking it's color accuracy is a winner here.
    My unit was produced in April 2014 and there is big backlight issue in corners. Not good for any type of use, not mentioning the color critical work. There are no black color or details in those corners. Everything is dark green and flat. I strictly asked HP to send me a monitor from newer, fixed series, and they didn't listen. HP replaced it with another unit (also from April 2014) and the same issue was present. Then again, they send me one more from April 2014. Third time. Can't believe it. Lost 3 weeks of my time and then they said if I want a newer display I need to wait extra more 4 weeks. Very bad customer support. At the end I took my money back and will probably try it will Dell, Nec or Asus.

  11. Howdy:
    I was wondering if you had a chance to look at and review the ViewSonic VX2770SMH-LED 27-Inch SuperClear IPS LED.
    This it the 27" version.  They also make a 23" and a 24".    I just ordered the 27" for $252.00 on sale on Amazon with free 2 day shipping.
    Hope to hear back from you on this.

  12. Can I ask what camera you use to shoot these videos with. I am having a lot of trouble with my Canon 600D and focus using my Cowboy studio lights. I've tried every setting I can think of and the manual focus still looks off. I used to get better results but it has changed and now I am not sure if it's the camera lens, the camera itself, the lights or the operator that's the problem.

  13. Awesome topic! Man I had a dell it was sweet! It had kinda that matte surface to the monitor, then is quit… Now I use my TV, its changed my art style, I can tell. It seems to not have as much color depth so now my color editing is more aggressive/contrasting looking. hope your monitor turns out good!

  14. Thank you Matt. This one of my major problems you are addressing. I work with Imac's and Mac Mini hooked up to a Tv Lg 30-40 inches. Its great but not enough real estate. If have a program that can do the Tv versions of this because bigger is better. I mean my mac pro it going to the tv to for video that the thing i wish they made a retina tv model like Apple Tv.. the choices you gave as your final is something one would use for sure and I would replace at that point for that price point. it use to be Lg or View Sonic but now really they are about what you see not what hardware manufacture created …that being said the longevity isnt event a factor I have had NEC go in the first 2 years what a waste of money but that is quite a while ago. So ty again Dell always liked them they are the Apple of PC stuff great company.

  15. I bought a DELL U2711 (27", IPS, 2560×1440) about two years ago . It was around 550€. I think it's not on sale any longer, but maybe there is a decent replacement.

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