Cine Lenses vs Photo Lenses: Arri Ultra Primes [4K]

by Staff October 4, 2016 at 10:18 am

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  1. nice compare, just one thing wrong, you compare cinema T-stop to photo f-stop value. that actually not the same thing at all, so we can't see how both manage the same light value and it fake the feeling of photolens in most case (little under exposed)

    can't wait to put my hands on ultra primes, looks amazing !

  2. For video, much depends on the camera body, esp the quality of sensor, IDT & color depth (PS: Sensor size and resolution does not affect the quality of image at all). Imagine light and information as 'Water', lens as 'Funnel', and camera body as 'Container'. Even if you have a good and huge 'Funnel' that can allow 2 litre of 'Water' to pass through without much spillage, if the 'Container' has a capacity of only 200ml, you will end up with only 200ml of 'Water'.

  3. Great comparison – especially nice work on being upfront on the errors and issues you ran into – very interesting and makes for a more informative video overall !
    would love to see some more lens comparisons between high end glass ( Leica / Zeiss etc ) to more mid range options 🙂
    Keep up the great work !

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