Cinematic Wedding Photo Editing – RAW Images – Photo Editing – Photoshop CC

by Staff January 20, 2017 at 11:25 am

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  1. Hi, sometimes when I change hue and get saturation higher, the picture becomes noise. Can I do this editinh on JPEG file or should I do this on a high res RAW file? I'm using 18MP Canon 60D. Thank you

  2. How did you put Camera raw in the filter list? I have camera raw and I can't go back again once I'm done editing in camera raw. I just need to know how did you put the camera raw filter in the list. Thank you I hope you'll respond. I learned a lot from you. Thanks :)

  3. It's so fassstt 🙁 I'm having a hard time seeing what I'm suppose to do in certain parts :/ If you would slow down or add text stating what you did and where you went, it would be a 5 star tutorial!

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