Discover the Art of Photography: Episode 1, Getting Started

by Staff April 12, 2016 at 3:59 am

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  1. Thank you for tutorial I am half the way through it but I have a question for you. I recently bought my first DSLR which is Nikon D7200 and I need some sort of protection for the LCD on the back side. I see you have a very nice cover on yours. Can you please tell me what is it called and where I can get it from? Thank you in advance

  2. You started in 2007??? And five years later were producing how to videos? Is the timeline right? I am not doubting your position in photography. You rock. But you say you got started 5 years ago (from this post)

  3. £12.99 for the next episode is absolute Robbery a few pounds maybe. EP 1 was good……I'm so disappointed I can't watch the rest. I can buy a blockbuster movie for less than that… Wow!

  4. You my friend, just gave me a key & i managed to unlock my first door. I will get the other 3 keys from you as soon as my next paycheck arrives. I like you & I like your artistic expression. You possess the power of explaining everything in a very educational, calm & "humorous" way. & on top of that, your style is by my means, flawless. I'm usually just one of those who watch videos on youtube & move on silently with my life, but I had to leave this comment. Just by watching this video I feel more prepared than ever. I'm going to recommend you to everyone who needs help getting started with photography. Thank you for sharing yourself!

  5. I'm curious about your camera's decision to take the tree photo at iso 6400 and 1/4000 second. I'd have used a slower exposure, less iso,  and avoided the noise in the first place.

  6. I watched the video and what really makes me want to watch it again is because of this dude's way of saying "marvelous" instead of just saying "cool" or "amazing"

  7. Learning photography is not limited to everyone regardless of whatever interests he or she may have in life. Everybody has the right to choose to learn photography for whatever reasons as long as he or she chooses it to be.

  8. Trey i have buy this Tutorial, but i have not receive what i have buy. In your site it's show Episode 4 – Photo Editing (1.6 GB)  and i receive 195MB, show Episode 2 – Photo Composition (1.3 GB)  and receive 469MB , and so on .
    I think it's not correct to do this, where it's my missing GB?

  9. Hi, I really liked the first episode, and want to watch the following episode 2, 3 and 4. But unfortunately its not available for my country. Can you please make it available for the country of Qatar.
    Thank you. 

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