DIY Photography Studio Reflector Holder and One Light Portrait Lighting Tutorial

by Staff November 7, 2016 at 10:32 am

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  1. How can anyone click a "thumbs down"? You. Are. The. Man. Thanks for all the great instructionals. I do feel sorry for you lefties though, having to use right-hand threaded screws!

  2. I think those 1/4-20 knobbed screws can be had at Home Depot and/or Lowes. They're usually in specialty hardware drawers in the nuts/bolts section of the store.

  3. oh i'm getting a bag of chips to watch this one. i'm as ghetto as they come. industrial velcro, bluetack, valspigot on a vicegrip or glueclamp you name it i done it. And when i go back to Budapest next spring i will build your continue light plan.

    (clicks play)

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