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by Staff December 29, 2016 at 11:48 am

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  1. Some next level stuff. Process overload for me lol. Great gear, setups, and of course tips. I like how you show some bloopers at the end. I have a question for you. This video was almost 15 minutes. How long was you original recording prior to editing this?

  2. You don't really need items 5,7,9 and 10. Item number 8 you can have for less money, I use audio technica lavalieres connected to zoom h1 and works just fine. You are missing a viewfinder, very important accesory, or could be a monitor. Especially needed when working with a fast lens or DOF

  3. How do you setup DSLR to get the lens auto-focus sound out of the picture. Set up my camera and shot a sample video but the lens is so loud when it auto focuses that it pretty much ruined the sound of me talking. How do you setup for good sound and a moving object/subject. The subject will move a little back and forth but sometimes bring objects close to camera for better view and just regular moving of hands in conversation. How do you keep all this in focus while filming on your own on DSLR when the lens (any lens I tried) is so loud :(. Should I setup external microphone far from camera? I used different Nikon cameras, last one was D5500. Thank you!

  4. hey I'm playing around with my rode videomic directional and my h4n recorder. I'm checking my levels and it's very low no matter how loud I get it. Do u have any suggestions for getting louder recordings? or does the audio not have to be that loud and I can change it in post?

  5. If I want to shoot overhead, let's say a cardgame, what setup would you recommend?
    I've been looking at the Canon G7 X but it just seems so expensive for a point and shoot.
    Then I started looking at DSLR and there's the T5i (same price than G7 X) and the 70D (little more expensive but overall better quality and scaling for upgrades).
    I can't make my mind, help me, please D:

    The tripod I'm pretty sure should be a Manfrotto since some already come with an arm to shoot overhead, unless you have another option that I could look into it.

    P.S. I'm enjoying all of your videos, awesome work.

  6. Dude, where is the slider?
    Since I have that thing, I have never EVER kept it home.
    It's small. (proaim spark) easy to take with you and use.
    And it makes my shots look so much more professional!

  7. I'm currently using the RODE videomic Pro for my Sony a6300. I want to buy the zoom h1!

    My question is:
    How do I connect BOTH the Zoom H1 & RODE videomic pro to my Sony a6300.
    How do I connect both & do I need to buy a separate connecting cord for the two (Rode videomic Pro + zoom h1 + Sony a6300?

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