DSLR vs Mirrorless – which is better?

by Staff July 6, 2016 at 7:14 am

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  1. Hello Kai, great show! BIG fan! I have been watching all these videos by DRtv since the time I got my first P&S camera. I had been doing okay with my photography but I wanted to get a better camera. As usual, there was a lot of confusion about which camera to go for. After seeing all the endless videos about the best beginner DSLR, endless videos about camera comparisons, and reviews I got even more confused.

    I want to thank you for making all the learning FUN and I have been such a BIG fan of your videos that I watch them like an actual TV show (although on Youtube), over and over. Well, this was going to be my first camera and probably the only for a very long time. Upgrading from a basic CCD sensor Sony P&S (h100) was not only tough but frightening as I had to make just the right choice, and now I have the amazing alpha6000 with dual lenses. Thank you for your review, of all the people on the internet I trust your reviews the most.

    Kai you rock!

  2. Should I change my Nikon d5200 for a mirrorless camera? I want something easier to carry around (A camera i could bring with me everywhere, but isn't a phone camera) Is mirrorless the way to go? a tilting screen, wifi, rich color, variety of lenses (Or hopefully pancake lenses) even good quality video would be fantastic. I'm just a casual semi-serious photographer 🙂 What kind of camera should I get?? 🙂 hopefully one that's not overly expensive

  3. So I have a Nikon D700 which I still love, but I want to shoot some video. I've been considering buying a D750 and getting rid of my D700, but I just love my D700 quite a bit still. Now upgrading to a D810 seems like a good option, but it's a little bit too expensive for my budget.

    I have also though of keeping my D700 for photo and perhaps using my Nikon lenses on a GH4 or something like that, which I think is possible with converters.

    Are there any others who have had these considerations? Any opinions?

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    And, I did not expect that British English voice from that Chinese dude.

    Does that make me racist? lol

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