free wedding photography tutorial tips and tricks behind the scenes how to take wedding photos

by Staff October 1, 2016 at 10:39 am

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  1. Great information. Thank you for focusing on real life situations. I hadn't thought of shooting in shutter priority. You gave me lots to think about and to practice.

  2. Thank you so much for all of your videos Mr. Tudor!!! I have learned a lot from you!!! I have been told to check some photographers galleries to get better pictures but being honest, I don't find any of those "famous" photographer's galleries that interesting and professional as yours, I consider you THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER!!!

  3. please help me. I am shooting my first wedding on Sept 24th and any tips or suggestions or video links would be helpful. I have watched this video and find it useful. in recent months have mainly taken photographs at music events and most are I doors but have done some outdoors. Any help would be much appreciated and thanks for sharing.

  4. Sir , at 2:41, you almost said "Bride getting NAKED".
    Great videos, I love your work and the way you start your videos with quotes.
    Follow you very closely and am your great Fan.
    Improved my skills a lot.
    Thanks to you indeed !!!

  5. Hey Chris. I've only been a wedding Photographer now for 3 years but it's just lately my techniques have been progressing because of my lighting techniques and using Lightroom. I would love to get some of your feed back on my work. I have not utilize my flash equipment and I would like to. I do use also a Nikon which is the D800 and the go to lens I use quite a bit is a Tamon 70-200mm f2.8 My dream lens is the Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 but until now I have to live with this lens until I can afford the Nikkor glass. Please take a look at my work and do give me some of your feed back to improve my work.

  6. Hi Christian , When shooting the bride and groom walking towards you i.e. the confetti shot , do you shoot on one shot focus or continuous plus shutter priority @ 125th .

    Thanks for the video , it's very helpfull .

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