How I shoot stock photography tutorial – Cooking stock .

by Staff May 19, 2017 at 3:45 pm

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  1. lol all your pics are extremely overexposed, burnt out 😀 and you need diffusors to make the pics excellent, modify the lights, shadows, highlights, reflections

  2. Do you have any ideas for a stock photography with a piano, I would be super glad if you could help. I need to submit an assignment for my photography class and I have to use a piano as my subject, and just when I got to the stock photography I ran out of ideas, I really don't know what could i do to make it creative. :/

  3. This is an example of over complicating a simple task of photographing items in an attempt to isolate them. So many young and old photographers feel they have to use "all of their equipment" each time regardless of the situation. Try and reduce your equipment needs and expectations and discover how much more you can do with less.

  4. Do you make decent money doing this ?  Do you still do this ? I am a burned out nurse but I love photography so I was wondering how many pictures you upload to stock sites per week or day etc and if it's a good way to bring in extra cash or if the market is getting saturated since it is now 3 years later. I bought a lighting studio months ago but I have no clue how to put it together. My camera is also 5 years old  now. it is a Canon Rebel SLR. When I first got it it took better pictures but now it seems to have glitches. I'm not sure if I should just invest in a new camera or use this one until I see if selling stock photos will make me at least enough in the beginning to get new equipment.

  5. As a stock photographer I found this very informative. Thanks for sharing.  Well done on doing it in English especially as it is not your native tongue! Look forward to putting this into practice.

  6. Can I ask how long you have been shooting stock photography? Also has it been a successful business for you? And which site would you suggest to post your pictures?

  7. So does the dreamtime site pay you for your images? I'm needing help on how to start submitting my stock photography. Can you help me out with tips on starting?

  8. ISO is always at the lowest setting for me . When you take a measurement with your light meter you set the ISO as well so there is no need to use low shutter speed if you have enough light. Other problem is with slower shutter speeds your pictures are more susceptible to get some shaking especially hand holding your camera

  9. how come people use high shutter speeds for still shots??? if you lower your shutter speed greatly, you could have a lower ISO (less noise?) and than yeah ajust your ftop accordingly. but idk why people have high shutter speeds? can anyone explain? whats the reason?

  10. Hi Aleks !

    Your tuts are great ! I like the way you are explaining things.Thanks a lot !
    Please, can you do some postproduction photoshop tutorial about isolation on white ?
    Thanks infront !

  11. you are right that there are a lot of things that I didn't mention but on the other hand this clip bores a lot of people the way it is so if I have started to go through pictures it will be even worse . The reflectors mistake is now funny but you are right calling the things with the right names is important . Thank you for your comment

  12. You should be shooting tethered to a laptop and viewing your work in Lightroom. Also, mention using your histogram and high light alert for proper exposure. What you called reflectors are actually soft boxes. Your video is well intended but lacking.

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