How To Fix Canon DSLR Errors NOW!

by Staff November 23, 2016 at 10:52 am

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  1. hi there, i have a canon eos 1100d. i was near the river with it this week and it may have got a few splashes of water on it – not immersed in any way. Since then the LCD display won't come on. It's taking photos fine. But when switched on it is beeping, the flash is firing off. Any thoughts? I've watched your video and taken lens off given it a wipe ……

  2. Hi nice Video. I'm wondering what happen to my Canon Rebel T2i, Problem is when power on all is good. When try to power off it seem the Sensor cleaning seem stuck. So the power off seem not complete. I cant power on right away and need to take out the Battery and reinserted it before i can power on back.

    Do the manual sensor cleaning and its working normally.

  3. I have a 60D Canon, It won't Turn On. I put fully charged battery and.. nothing. It didn't turn on at all and only blinkend low battery. I tried with a different battery, with lens, with no lens, with the SD card, without, and still nothing.

  4. Eric… I have a Canon EOS Mark 5D II. My lenses are all 2.8 (and 1.4) I can shoot, then it stops me from shooting with no error message. The red light in the front of the body continuously flashes. not the one for the timer, as the camera isn't set on timer, but the one below it. And I can no longer shoot . Please help.

  5. Hey Eric! i just picked up a new 80D just yesterday. its brand new! but im getting the "01" error with the lenses ive been using for 9 years with my old XTI. I bought them both brand new 9 years ago. my xti NEVER gave me this error message, not one time- through 26 thousand shutter clicks. now with my 80D I get it nearly every time I click the shutter, especially on my 18-55.  im gonna go out on a limb and assume the contacts on these lenses, and the contacts on the old XTI body wore out together…? the wear patterns "match" – so to speak. now that im trying to use 9 year old lenses on a brand new camera, the contact wear patterns no longer match, if that makes sense…? just seems odd that this tried and true lens is now all of the sudden dirty beyond use and no longer function properly just because I purchased a new camera body…

  6. Bought a Canon Rebel T5 used worked in store. Went to try to take a photo in darker setting in auto + mode flash pops up reads busy as though charging then gives Error 50 – try battery reset in out and on off in both cases flash pops up gives red eye flash burst then goes to error 50 – any ideas?

  7. Took my Canon 70D while the weather was Ok and suddenly it started to rain. Not sure it will survive. I hope it does. do you think that Canon could help in way? servicing etc.. or it is hopeless to deal with them. Any other camera that is weather proof?

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