How To Get Perfect White Balance | Perfectly Adjust Your White Balance | Nikon DSLR Tutorial

by Staff January 18, 2017 at 12:07 pm

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  1. Even easier :turn on live view, press and hold wb. With the back dial you can turn all wb presets and watch them change. Turn it to K (elvin) and with the front dial you can even walk though the entire spectrum of wb colours and chose the one that fits best for the picture in your screen.

  2. Since you said "perfect", it might be worth mentioning that something that seems white, like that poster board, might not actually be perfectly white. Something needs to be perfectly white or perfectly gray/grey to set a perfect white balance.

  3. How do I set my white balance if I am following a subject in a room with both natural and artificial lighting and the subject may move around between natural and artificial lighting areas?

  4. hello, can you help me? the problem is when I access the shooting menu, many options such as 'set picture control', 'white balance' … are disabled.
    When you 'OK' on one of these disabled options, a popup window states

    "This option is not available at current settings or in the camera's current state"

  5. Thanks, for the great tutorial. For clarification, if I do manual adjustment at night and next morning I go out in a sunny day, will the white balance be the same as the one the night before or will it adjust to the sun?

  6. Thanks for the quick but thorough video. I've never worked with correcting white balance before and my question to you is, do you do this every time you are in a different location with different lighting or is this something that automatically corrects it?

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