How to Photograph a Bride | Photography Tips

by Staff November 20, 2016 at 10:59 am

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  1. You're every couple's nightmare photographer if you think the photoshoot is all about you, directing the bride and groom to pose the way YOU want to, make them look ridiculous to friends and family because you will bring back all these unnatural, posed catwalk poses that the couple would NEVER do. But they did them for you, you 'molded' them into people who they are not. Horrible. I would not hire you if I was about to get married and had seen this video by you.
    My tip for you: ASK the couple what they want. Don't be so goddamn conservative, making all the cliche shots ("look over your shoulder! Walk away! Walk to me!") – Don't make them ACT, but take pictures of them the WAY THEY ARE, not the way you want them to be.

  2. Thank you for the excellent tips on directing a bride through poses, I look forward to applying this! One caveat though, male photographers should be extra careful, and ask permission before touching their female model. But otherwise, thank you for this excellent content!

  3. Loved watching this!! Such a great job explaining how to communicate with your subject!  BTW how cute are you laying on the ground then your jacket covered in grass!! Love it!! Keep up the great work! Thanks Jana!!!

  4. Jana, I love this and I find it super helpful! I would really love to see something longer on posing bride/ bride and groom (ones that are awkward and not natural with the camera). I want to learn some more posing techniques, this video has been the best by far. THANKS.

  5. So helpful! One of the best videos in a while(;
    What I'd like to know: what does the groom do during the time you shoot the bride? Is he usually with you, watching, or do you do them separately?
    Also, can you do a video on posing grooms? Thanks X

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