How to photograph stars and photoshop an astrophotography image

by Staff April 16, 2017 at 3:10 pm

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  1. Actually a really interesting video. Using that wide angle lens will really help anybody trying to do star shots. Except for the moon, in which case you need a zoom lens. I used a 70-300 and a 100-400 for my photos. Stacked the ones I liked from each, and the one on my profile is the 70-300.

  2. Awesome vid, I was just confused about you using your iPhone to light up the foreground so that it'd be easier focusing, when you said you didn't touch the focus or focal length after setting them while it was still light outside? Also, did you find that the 30 sec exposures had too much star-trail, or were they still usable?

  3. disappointed really. i thought it was always a very expensive dslr with long exposure. in a nutshell people, these pics are all photoshopped. so much dissatisfaction.

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