How to setup Canon DSLR T3i as a webcam on a MAC

by Staff September 9, 2016 at 9:56 am

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  1. Everything has worked for me and I've followed every step exactly, except when I open up Photobooth I get nothing but a black screen. I've double checked to make sure it wasn't something stupid, like leaving the lens cap on 😛 Any suggestions?

  2. Thanks for the video, helped out a ton. My mac when recording seems to have a bit of a lag and it doesn't seem to record in 16:9 because the recorded video has black bars on the sides, do you know how to get these issues fixed?

  3. I seem to have no control over focusing the camera on some web based sites like Omegle. The image shown is just blurring and out of focus. Manual focus and auto seem to do nothing. any suggestions?

  4. I'm having similar issues where my computer is telling me that my Mac software isn't compatible with the ESO Utility. Sigh They really do make this difficult. Thanks for the video!

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