by Staff April 12, 2017 at 3:13 pm

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  1. Imagine if Bill Brand lived long enough to have a YouTube channel, his little whispering voice belying his huge talent. It would be great to snooze to in the afternoons.

  2. Hi Ted. I like this assignment. It's difficult and challenging. Hope you come up with something like this again for the next assignment. Also it's cool that you give feedback (like in the first image).

  3. Ted congratulations for your over 300k subscribers!!!!!! That is a really really huge achievement! You inspired me to open my channel too! Really thank you for all the things you are doing!!!

  4. Really enjoy your videos. You've just solved a question I've had for almost 8 years. Personally, I have to get my creative Mojo back and I may submit something if you let me know an email or something.

  5. Hey Ted, Thanks for this video! Definitely helps to see how you put an idea together and flesh it out into an actual piece of work. I would love to see more videos on this if there's anything else to teach about it 🙂

    A question on the photo assignment: Does the frame/scene of the photo sequence have to stay still? Or can I change the frame up within the context of the sequence? (i.e – should my camera stay still in one spot and capture a sequence like the 2 examples you've shown, or can I move around and show different settings if I want to follow a subject to put together a story?) Thanks!! 🙂

  6. First off Ted let me start by thanking you for this. You put a lot of effort into making this video! Above and beyond! Not that you don't give it 100% all the time, but it really shows in this video that you really care a great deal not only for the quality and content of the video, but just plain being a nice guy and helping people out when you see or feel that it needs done. I thank you for your passion for this art!

  7. just realised how close you are to 300k and so was I was refreshing it to watch it tick over, 299,997. 299,998. 299,997. Someone unsubscribed to this amazing channel!!! how dare they!

  8. Hi Ted this is my first time trying the photography assignments and i was wondering, i have a sequence of images i shot during a photoshoot i completed a few days before you announced the assignment and i was wondering if they are ok to submit ? I have yet to do the post processing on them but i have an idea of how i want the sequence to go. Would it alright to use them for this assignment?. I'm a big fan of the show and when i started looking into photography your videos gave me a lot of direction starting off my photography portfolio and career. heres to the soon to be 300k subscribers.

  9. good God! those are some horrible examples of conceptual photography. conceptual photography is based on expressing an idea, an abstract idea, or a message that you want to tell the world. just stick to street photography. I will try to find some actual conceptual photographers work and provide a link to their work once I get home.

  10. Cute kitty. Glad you didn't pick the lilies. I found out the hard way that they are toxic for cats. Let's just say it turned out to be a very expensive Valentine's date at the Vet clinic…

  11. I never thought of creativity as being a skill that you can train yourself to be good at. There are many other "Feelings" I felt were learned skills (confidence being one of them), so thank you for making me realize that creativity is one as well. I'm going to remember that the next time I have trouble thinking of something to create.

  12. That was really helpful. Seeing you go through the process and discuss your thinking is a great video to make for each of the assignments. Best channel on YouTube as always.

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