How to Take Portraits on Cloudy Days | Photography Tips

by Staff July 16, 2016 at 8:41 am

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  1. Hi Jana. Great channel. Fantastic content. I just picked up photography a couple of weeks ago. Complete rookie. Where do I begin learning the basics so I can eventually become a descent photographer? Any tutorials or books you recommend I pick up? I am event thinking about taking an intro to photography at my local community college. All the best and keep up the great work.

  2. How did you get up there off the highway? Like did you just park on the side of the freeway? I just want to know because theres some awesome little hills here in San Diego, I don't know how i would get up there though lol. Love your videos! And your outfits!

  3. What do you do to edit your photos in lightroom later? They look soooooo good! I can never get my photos to look that good. They still look like and amateur took them…

  4. personally, i'm not too sure if jana actually teaches anything… BUT i lovelovelove her photos so i try to pay more attention to the photos she usually puts up rather than what she says

  5. you usually give more tips in your videos, the only tip in this video was that its awesome to shoot in cloudy days and then what settings you use. which im sure is not the same always. I missed a little explanation on why cloudy days are awesome and maybe if you could show what you can achieve on cloudy days that you can't do on sunny days or something 🙂 
    But thanks for you videos i watch every single one, and they are usaully great ;)

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