How To Use Motion in Photography

by Staff May 16, 2017 at 3:49 pm

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  1. This video was not what I thought it was going to be. Thanks for expanding my mind.

    This is why The Art of Photography is the best. I wish you much future success.

  2. I am also curious if we can submit more than one photo for this assignment, as well Ted can we submit older photos we have shot that show motion? I have taken some amazing photos in the past that show motion and would love to submit them as well, if possible??

  3. This will be my first Photo Assignment, I am still a bit foggy on how I go about submitting it to you. I am really exciteed to do one, though! I love the feeling of being able to challenge myself and learn from myself!

  4. I enjoy you channel in general, Ted, but especially enjoy how you show historical images by a wide range of photographers when you're discussing a context. Lots of food for thought for new photographers, and a great review for those who may have seen these images in the past and forgotten them. Thank you!

  5. Motion is a fascinating aspect of stills. A great exponent of motion, not in photography but painting, was Francis Bacon. I know he was totally fascinated with the photographs by Muybridge.

  6. My teacher of Theory of the Image showed us Ernst Haas work 1 month ago and, besides, the cover of this video is an image taken in my city during San Fermines party/celebration, in Pamplona, which is located in the top of Spain in Navarre. Such a coincidence, hahaha. By the way love the content do you make on youtube, i learn a lot, thank you!

  7. Hi Ted! Love your videos (as always). I have a question. What do you use for shooting stills? I know you have a lot of cameras and I am wondering which one you like to take with you most places. Does the RX100 V produce great stills? Thanks!!!

  8. Cannot believe your doing another episode on Sugimoto. I just started a video on his work and I just rewatched your older video on his work. Then this. Love what you do, love what Sugimoto does.

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