How to use your DSLR in OBS for FREE Nikon D5300 Free Tethering

by Staff January 23, 2017 at 12:12 pm

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  1. Will test it soon. 🙂
    Actually you are the first one, I found who has a free software for that purpose which supports Nikon…
    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! 😀 ♥

  2. I see your video is soon 2 years old. How is your experience so far? Are you still using your DSLR as webcam or did it break your camera – for example did the sensor overheat? I am asking because it works great but I am worried it could fry my Nikon which was not cheap :)

  3. To have your camera working on PC do you just connect your camera to your computer with a sub cable or a HDMI cable if yiu have an HDMI out port?

  4. As an update, on the latest version there is an overlay of controls on the side that forces you to crop some of the right side of the frame when selecting with OBS

  5. Works great with my Nikon D3300. Going to setup a Green Room Studio and use Dual Monitors. One Monitor so I can always see the Open Broadcaster with live display in the foregound corner or (full screen) and monitor capture as the background and the other monitor to move around in windows pick my games etc that get displayed in Open Broadcaster. Thanks (Great Possibilities Here)

  6. Hi Thanks for the tutorial. Could you please tell me I am facing a problem that my live window is get covered under new window or programme whenever I try to record from something like firefox. What could be wrong?

  7. Have you ever tried out Nikon's software? I'm wondering what you think, since OBS would only work for capturing small images, as opposed to the full 1080p the camera is capable of.

  8. I was wondering about something with the settings… also thank you for making this video.. have literaly used 3 hours to find a program like this…

    the thing I was wondering about is it possible to fix the blurryness from the camera? i ahve trayed to see if i chould record my 3DS from the camera, but when i have the camera on the screen there is clear, but still a bit blurry… is there a way to fix that?

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