Introducing the Sony SLT A77 Alpha DSLR [First Commercial]

by Staff March 21, 2017 at 2:09 pm

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  1. Uhhhh…at 0:11 (in the lower half) you see a Sony Mavica FD5. This was was the first digital camera available on the market back in 1997. It all starts with this camera made by Sony. I still have one of those old Mavica FD5 digital cameras. It works with 3.5" Floppy Discs as storage. Every Floppy Disc has incredible 1.44 MB of memory space. Okay, this camera has only 380.000 pixels. So 1.44 MB were quite sufficient 😉

  2. @ExhaustedFX
    Try doing fast action in AF? Just because many pros may not use it doesn't mean it's useless.
    If by little OLED, you mean the finder that's bigger and give more coverage then any APSC camera right now, and provides exposure, color, and white balance previews, as well as an incredibly fast refresh rate (do you know what OLEDs are?)? Admittedly, not for all, but good enough (or better) for most.
    Stop copy/pasting forum opinions. I'm done here.

  3. @ExhaustedFX
    Yes, the buffer is only like 1.5sec at full 12fps, but you just have to learn to pulse, not hold it down (or just shoot forever at 8fps). It isn't perfect, but that beats everything except the new $7000 canon.
    Yes, they have AF in video. But obviously you've never used it, because it's slow contrast AF. Compare that to the a77, which has one of the fastes PDAF systems of any current camera.
    OLED? Con? Dude , you've obviously never read a review of it.

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