iPhone 6 vs Canon DSLR

by Staff March 19, 2017 at 2:26 pm

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  1. The aperture on a DSLR is dependent on the lens. You make it sound like the Canon is inferior to the iPhone in that respect, when it is just the limitation of the the cheap kit lens you are using. IPhones have capable enough cameras for someone who just wants to point and shoot.

  2. I don't know anything about cameras but I do have a canon rebel t3 and I love the way it takes pictures and I really like the comparisons you made here thank you for a good video!

  3. He's literally comparing a mobile phone to a REAL camera. The iPhone 6 has a great camera, but you don't compare a mobile phone that's not just built to take pictures to a $500 camera that is built to take photos.

  4. LOL

    iphone 6: released in 2014

    Canon T3: Released in 2011

    But keep talking as if you understand how release dates work. What, you gonna compare a iPhone 7 to a D2x when the iPhone comes out?

  5. Strike three: You speak about the screens, but then you skip over the fact that iPhones obviously don't have any sort of viewfinder, in which the T3 in fact does.

    Welp, I'm not even halfway through the video and you already failed. Good job sir!

  6. I won't give you a strike for this, but note that "optical zoom" is based on the lens, so technically a iPhone could have it as well though those although shitty, existing lens attachments.

  7. Strike 2: Not correcting the aperture of the iPhone for a "Full frame" equivalent, making it seem as though it has a faster F-stop, when it simply doesn't.

    EDIT: You sort of correct yourself, but this strike still stands.

  8. Nice video. Wondering what I should buy to make a short survival video. Camcorders are apparently out of the question. My friend let me borrow his sony dslr nex-5 but the video quality isn't that good. Any suggestions?

  9. I think you are mad because you are trying to compare a dslr camera with a phone camera. you don't even know what to tell. you said that canon rebel t3 has a aperture of f./3.5-5.6 which is smaller than f./2.2 of iPhone. now in case of DSLRs the camera is not responsible for aperture. what minimum aperture you will get depends upon the lens you are using. if you use a 50mm f./1.8 then you would say that canon rebel t3 has a aperture of f./1.8 !! same for the optical zoom. the DSLR don't have optical zoom , the lens has…

  10. If you dont plan to print photos and your happy keeping them to instagram, snapchat and any other shitty photo social media site then click away on your crappy iphone.

    If you plan to print them and to any substansial size then its DSLR all day long. This is what people dont grasp with Digital Photography

  11. why the heck would some one compare a dslr with a phone whyy??? oh to prove that the iphone is better than a dedicated camera c'mon it doesn't make any sense fanboys and their stupid ideas ….desperately trying to prove something duhhh,,

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