Is the Lumix 35-100 f2.8 a DSLR Killer?

by Staff September 20, 2016 at 9:57 am

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  1. As the MFT does not receive the same amount of light as a FF sensor, you must apply the MFT crop factor to the aperture as well as focal length. Thus, this lens at F2.8 more accurately compares to a F5.6 full frame sensor lens, providing slower performance and shallower depth of field.

    It is unfortunate that so many people think this lens is a direct equivalent to a 70-200 F2.8 lens. A true 70-200/F2.8 cost more and is bigger for a reason (more light).

    BTW, I shoot with a GH4 and GH4, and intend to buy this lens. I feel it is somewhat overpriced, but will buy it anyway as there are no other comparable lenses for MFT. 

  2. Well, ok. But you would miss out on some great, forward thinking images. DSLR's are over buddy, even you will be either shooting mirrorless inside 4 years or you will be "that guy" with the Hassy in the back of the room recalling the glory days. : ) WC

  3. Hi Jerry, Paul is referring to his "kit" here. For years he was one of Canon's Explorer team members and carried his big shoulder bag everywhere that was 34 lbs for real. Now, the kit he's using is lots lighter and actually has more tools in it. Paul's one of the most talented shooters on our staff and he's not much for hyperbole. Hope that helps? Thanks!!

  4. Very insightful, but at 2:40 seconds you said the 5diii weighed 34pounds? lol I was just listening to the video and had to bring the browser up to see this. good video though not bashing at all I just thought it was funny. 

  5. Nathan, I'm not sure if you are more angry or just ignorant. It's a bad combo. Will was nice enough to send you a personal message which you did not reply to. We have done everything we can to answer your questions politely and courteously in order to share our point of view with you and you just want to pick a fight. Well, when you grow up, and actually have a unique thought instead of countering our thoughts, come on back. But until then, you are banned because you're stupid.

  6. … will be replacing the static portrait. So, for the pro to become profitable at shooting Talking Portraiture, we recommend mirrorless instead of DSLR. If we are right and the market swings rapidly away from DSLR and toward mirrorless, it will devalue the DSLR hardware faster than the DSLR devalued Medium Format film cameras. From a purely business standpoint, if Suzette and Giulio, Will, Marlene and Rick Ferro can use only mirrorless to keep clients happy, why keep DSLR while it devalues? 

  7. Good review and spot on. With the fast lenses now available for MFT I don't think iso and low light performance are issues. I use a GH3 with the Voightlander f0.95, SRL Magic 35 f1.4, Pan 20mm f1.7 plus the above. When its raining, early evening and you need to shoot indoors with available light both stills and video is sublime almost perfect conditions in fact.

  8. thanks for reply
    i have a question related to Lens mounts for gh2:
    should a buy AF NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8D or Panasonic Lumix G 14mm f/2.5 ASPH Lens

    – my main question is with 43 Nikon Mount, Nikon lens will give same frame size at 28mm(on 35mm sensor) or it will be double to from 28mm to 56mm (on 35mm sensor).
    as you may know Panasonic 14mm gives 28m (on 35mm sensor)

    – having Nikon F primary lens on gh2 with mount will give low sharpness or Lens Aberration ?

  9. Hi Riz, We don't post ISO test data much my friend, it causes too much trouble. Instead, I've asked Will for input here and he says both the 60D and GH2 are very good at low light / high ISO. He says the AF on the 60D is better that the GH2 under low light, but the AWB on the GH2 is better under low light. For shooting more video, than photo, and using GOOD lenses, Will says go with the GH2 no doubt is the way to go. Hope that helps?

  10. some cameras with larger sensors do poorly, others with small sensors do really well. Printing it large shows all the defects and all the detail – both good and bad – and allows us to see past sensor size. Food for thought Kaz. Regarding ISO comparisions, they are complicated to do correctly and awfully time consuming, and unfortunately they attract the forum trolls. Instead of posting ISO test images, we think the recommendations from the pros that shoot the cameras everyday is better.

  11. Hi Kaz,
    I know it's a challenge Kaz, but try to look past the web chatter about sensor size. The size means very little when comparing final output. No kidding. Will uses 24×24 inch inkjet prints made from un-retouched jpegs here as his "proof" system. He'll print out test images and place them on the wall and ask if we would be glad to sign out=r name on that print and sell it to a customer. It's a simple YES or NO at that point. You would be amazed at the results.

  12. I don't think you can compare a DX sensor to micro 4/3 sensor. I would like to see some high ISO comparisons. Even something like a Nikon D7000 from 2010 which is not so big will perform better than the GH3. Yes the lenses are bigger but still manageable. If you primarily do video than the GH3 is the way to go. 

  13. plz do High ISO Test in low Lights on Same Lens size. frame, Aperture with canon 60d vs gh2
    i have budget for buying canon 60d or gh2.
    i just want to know the video performance in high ISO in Low Lights
    Canon t2i/t3i/550d/600d video quality is same as canon 60d.
    i will b shooting some documentaries in which i wont be able to carry lights with me,
    so i have to rely on high speed f1.4 lenses & high ISO in low light conditions…
    i only have budget to buy some lenses with Panasonic gh2 or Canon 60d

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