Landscape Photography Editing – High Cup Nick vlog images

by Staff March 9, 2017 at 12:24 pm

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  1. , hi Adam, so i watched the video and your great editing skills. i wonder if you can, in future editing video when you do something like miving a slider or bringing true white, to point it out and say something like " i'm using the tone pallet and moving the slider to this and that of… after all its like a learning session and when i or others hear you explanung in words the actuall process its easer to follow anf learn….

    great shoots as usual, the view takes me to all englands movies views…

  2. Hi Adam, there is a certain technique when you bring the graduated nd filter down where you can use the brush to exclude certain areas from going dark. Could you demonstrate this at a future video? I think it's a great post processing tip.

  3. Hello Adam, I really appreciate you sharing your videos and your knowledge. I have a question (I don’t expect you to make a video about it LOL), I see that you’re using a wide angle lens, can you tell me what is the difference if instead you would use a 50mm or 80mm lens, took three (or more) shots positioning the camera in portrait mode (instead of landscape) and stitch them together. (if this is a dumb question, please keep in mind that I’m new at this LOL).

    Thank you.

  4. I agree totally about quick edits and returning later, over editing is so easy if you sit there for too long. A brilliant video showing how lousy weather can give you the best images and you caught the rain in the valley really well and you brought them out just right in the editing. The wide angle lens did a great job with distortion, I'm going to be really interested in the review. Great edit, of a awful (weather wise) day.

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