Landscape Photography Essentials

by Staff December 21, 2016 at 10:56 am

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  1. Haha wet shoe from wading. I thought I would be smarter and took my shoes and socks off and left them on the shore of the lake, a puppy picked up one of my merino wool sock and ran off with it :(

  2. Hi Tony and chelsea
    thanks for these amazing videos..your videos are really helpful for us..kindly please let me know which lense should be used for Landscape Photography as I have Canon 700 D with 18:55 lense but smtimes the results are not that sharp so what should I do in that case?

  3. The use of drones would be interesting, however, not if everyone in a national park brought a drone … for that reason, drones are illegal for photography in national parks unless you obtain special permission … Tony & Chelsea are my inspirations, as well as my mentors, because i don't have expensive equipment; i have only really cheap equipment; but they still encourage me to get out there and look for that great moment, that great shot, and bring whatever amount of creativity, composition, and skill i can manage to my photographic experiences … thank you Tony & Chelsea for being who you are and doing what you do

  4. Please give me your opinion on this: do you think the investment in a super wide lens (to be used especially for 360 photo/virtual tour but also for general purpose) can be justified given the new 360 devices from Ricoh, Samsung and so on…????

  5. Tony and Chelsea, could you recommend a camera for landscape and general street use, i really like the canon lenses and therefore a canon full frame but can't afford one yet. i would rather invest in a good lens or two with my budget specifically for full frame use later, is there an alternative apsc body i could get until i can afford a full frame body that works well with a more professional lens? or should i buy an older model full frame such as a 5d mark 2. would really appreciate your opinion. thanks in advance.

  6. This was so so helpful. Thank you for this great video. I'm about to take a trip to Hawaii and I want to have the best advice for taking great memories home for my family.

    What lens you would use in the helicopter tour. My options are Nikon
    (55-300mm vr 3.5-5.6). (18-140mm vr 3.5) (135mm 2.8). (28mm 2.8 e series) (50mm 1.8 pancake) (Tamron sp 35-80mm 2.8) (Tamron sp70-210 with 2xtel) (50mm 1.8)

  7. +Tony & Chelsea Northrup – What type of carrying gear do you use? I'm Norwegian, so the weather here is a big factor. Also, I am moving to a wildlife-school for one year in just about a month! Google the Norwegian fjords of Nordfjord and the Jostedal's glacier – then you'll see what I mean! I need proper gear, but at the same time something practical… :p Love you two <3

  8. hey, i am an amateur photographer and i wanna ask you do you sell your photos online and if yes can you tell me exactly where ( which page) because im not really familiar with that. Thank you

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