Learn Photography – Aperture Tutorial!

by Staff May 9, 2017 at 3:35 pm

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  1. Hi Guys! Thank you for the wonderful support. What kind of videos would you like to see more on this channel ? Help me with this and I will definitely create such content for you guys.

  2. This video honestly helped me out sooo much. It seems so intimidating getting started in the journal of learning photography, and I've already watched video after video… only ending up slightly more confused with more doubts. But this video helped me understand. Great job!!!

  3. Sir mujhe nikon 3200d and canon1300d meh confusion heh… mujhe nikon overall accha laga bt usme photo shoot kar sakte heh kya aur Background Blurr effect ata heh kya ? kyonki canon 1300d meh yeh effect milta heh … aur nikon 3300d keh kitlens meh auto focus ka button aur stabalizer kaa button nahi milta …toh focus kese kare object peh… plzz reply

  4. very good explanation.. can you explain, how the shutter speed affect aperture in turn causing the camera to see nothing .. can't get my head around that. 1/4000 to freeze and image like faucet water. I am using 18-55mm lens.. the f goes to 3.8 only.. in short what is the best shutter speed.

  5. short and simple..
    yet,straight to the point.
    nothing boring.
    Dear SAURAV SINHA,,you really changed my ANGLE OF VIEW to the camera.
    I'll be looking more for your TEACHINGS.

  6. I shot landscape in f22 but much of it wasn't super sharp. I heard it's because of something called "diffraction" could you explain diffraction. (lens rokinon f2.0 12mm)

  7. ..i'm a newbie when it comes to photography.. but with your video i learned some important things that really helped me a lot… i am not into photography business but i would love to take beautiful and clear photos from my nikon d5100, because we all know that pictures brings good memories and we don't want our photos blurred or not clear…thanks man..thumbs up..keep it up… Zules here from the Philippines..

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