learning photography for beginners, lesson 1 What you will learn

by Staff June 22, 2016 at 6:18 am

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  1. Looking forward to it, thanks. I'm a Beginner and have experimented a lot already. I'm interested in creative photography and capturing feel depth and emotion. I need to brush up on fundamentals.

  2. Hi Phill,big fan of yours as you know,i upload to your Learnshots.com site quite regularly as (Nikon_Skorpion),is there somewhere i get get notification from for each episode of this please,i am a subscriber already to this channel.

  3. Thanks for the great initiatives Phillip. It's going to be a big help for a beginner photographer like me. I have three cameras Olympus TG-4, Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and Nikon D7100. Do you have any beginners video clips on these cameras? Thanks.

  4. G'day Philip, this is very welcome. I purchased a compact camera a couple of months ago. It is the first camera I've owned that wasn't an instamatic type camera and there a number of settings that I have no idea how or when to use.
    Cheers, Mark.

  5. Will there be a french version ?
    Because my sister is learning how to use her Panasonic FZ200 in manual mode, and she doesn't understand when I explain her the settings, I'm a really bad teacher lol…
    And as I learnt many many things with your videos…

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